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Link a mapbox account with a bubble app

The most important thing is linking your mapbox account with your bubble app

How do I do it?

First, open your bubble app and on the left hand side you’ll see a menu:
Press on the “plugins tab and you’ll be presented with your installed plugin. In the list find “Advanced Mapbox Plugin” and press on it. On the right side you’ll see the plugin description and a field called “Mapbox API key”.
In the input field you need to paste your Mapbox API key.

Where do I find my mapbox API key?

To get your mapbox API key, go to and create an account on the site, if you already have one, just log in. You should be redirected to . On this page you can find “Access tokens” screen:
Default public token is the key you need, if there is no key, press on the “Create a token” button and a key will be created.
Copy it and paste it in the Mapbox API key field on your bubble app and you’re done!
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