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Advanced Mapbox Plugin Documentation


Mapbox - the best solution for easy and fast satelite map imagery and functionality.
Now it’s brought to with everything you need!
With this plugin, you not only can add markers, lines, images and polygons on the map, but you also save and store everything for later use!
The plugin allows to:
● Add markers using geojson data or coordinates
● Freely asign any image and title to any marker
● Add lines using geojson data or coordinates
● Assign any color to any lines
● Add polygons using geojson data or coordinates
● Assign any color to polygon outline, any color to polygon fill and freely choose the opacity of the fill
● Add markers, lines and polygons interactively on the map
● Save and store the markers lines and polygons inside a database so you’ll never lose your progress
● Access marker, line or polygon data inside a bubble app and assign any info to them
● Add a draggable marker on the map

To properly use the plugin, there is some setting up needed. In these documents you will find all the tutorials of how to set up each part of the plugin and use it to your own desire.

Tutorial and content

If you are reading this, you probably already installed the plugin onto your bubble app and are interested on how to get it working. Each page in this document will have tutorials on each setup part.
Here’s a brief description of each page with a link to it:
- the most important thing in this plugin is linking your mapbox account to your bubble app. Without this link the Mapbox API part will not work. On this page you will find a tutorial on how to link your mapbox account.
- mapbox plugin takes and reads all the data in a specific way. To properly be able to use bubble database together with mapbox, some specific setting up of the database is needed. Here you will find all the info needed of how and why you should set up the bubble database.
- After you have everything set up, you’ll be able to use the map itself. Here you will find a tutorial on how to put a map on your app, what values it holds and how to use them for setting and loading all the data on the map.
- When working with a plugin, it’s important to know all the actions a plugin can do. Here you will find a list of all events, workflow steps and their description to better know what element does what.
- the most basic action of the plugin is writing down, choosing the info of a marker, line or polygon and adding it on a map using that info. Here you will find a tutorial on how to set up your app to have the ability to add map elements using their data on the bubble app.
- on top of being able to write down the data and add elements on the map, the plugin also has a possibility to choose an element, click on the map and add it in such interactive way. Here you will find a full tutorial of how to set up and how to use the interactive way of adding elements.
- some question way arise after seeing the specific ways to do some actions, or other questions that are unanswered in all the tutorial. Here you will find main questions as to what, when, how or why.
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