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NEW Humane Standards

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The Author

“This Atom, which has been also known as An, Aten, Anu, Aum, Atman, Adam, and I Am - This is me." - Adam Apricot.
Adam Apricot is the pen-name of Vasileios Korompilias, a well-rounded Systems Designer and a Millennial Philosopher whose work evidently is characterized by its unique Aesthetics and a Fine blend of Science.
Lifelong studies in Art & Design, along with his BA in Biomechanical Product Design drove him across the fundamentals of peoples' behaviors and needs.
The Author was born in Greece, and developed since childhood a natural tendency to grow as a Practical Philosopher. Writing became one of his favorite ways to Design, and as a polymath he never stopped studying a bunch of other subjects through independent courses and workshops (Behavioral Psychology, Physics & Biomechanics, Governance & Systemic Management, Reasoning & Cognition, Business Intelligence, Game theory, and many more.).
Adam is also very well versed in World Religions and he constantly get guidance and insight from the Ancient Humane Standards as he describes all religious models.
In short, he has been trained to Unite people, to Orchestrate Balanced Communities, to Teach the Art of Attention, and to have a Crisp Sensibility surrounding what needs our Attentiveness and Care. All these, together with his ability to Design, which gives him fluency in Strategic Analysis, led him learn with precision the way that our minds and bodies work.
🤚 The Humane Standards are the results of a long and self-driven Research on the fundamentals of Ethical Management. Adam’s protocols and frameworks simulate Bio-Certified Methodologies (Natural Dynamics of Organization) and promote Collaborative Decision Management through Sensible Synagonism.

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