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NEW Humane Standards

Our Harmonization - ⌘4th Set Mini

Fair-Play Harmonization Foundations
Harmonization is the formation of Community Ecosystems which share a sense of Responsibility towards each other. These Social Networks are concerned with the Well-being of an Ecosystem.
⌘4 _ Fair-Play Harmonization Foundations.png
The Roots of our Fair-Play Harmonization are the Standard Elements for the Constitution of Humane Communities.
📖 Theorems

Six Principal Events describe the Foundational Standards of Humane Harmonization in the following manner :
The Genesis of Self-Reflection defines and measures Economic Liberty,
The Practice of Sentience defines and measures Ecophysiological Equality,
The Mimesis of Self-Autonomy defines and measures Ecological Solidarity,
The Growth of Simplicity defines and measures Ecospheric Peace,
The Investigation of Symmetry defines and measures Ecotypic Order.
The Inheritance of Variety defines and measures Ecosystemic Governance.
⭐ Humane Harmonization Powers (Gamified Stellar Format)
You may remember the Standards of Humane Harmonization as the following Stellar Formation:

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