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Indexing Evaluation Functions

Sentient Indexing Evaluation is the means of Self-Reflection.
It is a function requiring a Sensation of a Present middle-Cosmos, and have a very wide variety of applications. Its roots lay on the way that organisms Empathetically Sense their surrounding for better Curation of their Resources.


Intelligence can be Evaluated through Five Functions:
1. Management
(Statistical Significance, Sample Space)
2. Curation
(Probability Function, Null Hypothesis = TRUE)
3. Interaction
(Probability Density, Event Space)
4. Harmonization
(Probability Clustering, Null Hypothesis = FALSE)
5. Operation
(Statistical Significance, Probabilistic Causation)
Management which is of the same nature as Dreamless Sleep is the substratum of all other modes. It is an Intuitive Experience with no attachment to Attention or Intention.
Curation which is of the same nature as our Awakened State comprises all those experiences in which the mind is in direct or indirect contact with the object of the senses at the time, and the mental perception corresponds with the objects. The Experience of Intended Attentiveness carries some Tension which defines what is True, whether if it is experienced as Joy or Pain.
Interaction which is of the same nature as Day Dreaming is a way of expressing Simulations of Reality. It is an Imaginative form of Intelligence which can be Replicated through Practice, and as such it drives our Behaviors. Through Attachment to what drives our Attention and our Intention we easily get lost in the Perceptions of others.
Harmonization which is of the same nature as our Night Dreaming is knowledge of what is Faulty and Formed from perceiving a thing as being other than what it is. That kind of Intelligence leads to Regression Analysis, which is a method to Design, by seeking Relations within Deviations of the truth.
Operation which is of the same nature as the Transitioning State when we let go and fall asleep, is the Recollection of Past Identities.
The Memory of that which is commonly known as Reality is a State of Existence based on collateral Intentions. Our Memories are being formed through our Projections on the Essence of the Self.
Memories and Attachments have absolutely No-Power when the Self stops Projecting them in the here and now.


Self-Reflection treats unhealthy outer Attachments (Non-inclusive Individuality - Unrealistic Independence) through Persistent Practice of inner Detachment (Inclusive individuality - Realistic Interdependence). That Input Feedback, converts to the Evaluation of our Identity, and that is our Function known as Sentience.
The Humane Standards use a Reference to the Colors of the Visible Spectrum as an Analogy to the Universal Natural Order which forms our Cosmos. These 5 Colors, appearing as the portion of the electromagnetic spectrum that is visible to the human eye, reveal the Sensational, Sensuous, Sensual, Sensitive, and Sensible Orders of Sentience.
Electromagnetic radiation in this range of wavelengths is called visible light or simply light. That being said, Humane Synagonism turns to be Literally and from a Neurological point of view, the Enlightening Conscience of Balanced Observations, and it Functions through the following Agencies:
Source Management Agency - Color White (Conscience)
Resources Curation Agency - Color Blue (Observation)
Service Interaction Agency - Color Green (Balance)
Social Harmonization Agency - Color Yellow (Position)
Identity Operation Agency - Color Red (Adaptability)


⌘5 Set _ Fair-Play Operation -  Party Challenges.png

Sets Architecture

The Sets of the Humane Standards comprise 1 Root Family of 180 Indices. This Root Branches in 5 Directions (4 Cardinal + 1 Vertical), and these Family Branches take the form of 5 Sets. All of the Sets are organized into their 5 Common States, which reveal how the first Set expands to the rest proportionally. In fact, we may explore how Indices from different Family Sets share a Common Character when they have the same Classification Number (Example: All Indices classified as White - I/O express the Same Principle in different Context).
Humane Standards Sets = 1 Root Family of 180 Fair-Play Indices
= 5 Sets of 5 Common States =
2 Families x 5 States x 5 Index Groups = 50 Probability Measures
+ 2 Families x 5 States x 10 Index Groups = 100 Probability Measures
+ 1 Family x 5 States x 6 Event Groups = 30 Probability Events

How to Read them

All Sets have a 5-fold Rhythm
You can Read the Sets:
2. Vertically,
3. Diagonally,
4. Backwards, or you can Mix & Match (5).

📕📐Practical Notes 📌

In Nature, everything is a Simulation of something else. A Simulation is a Reproduction through Multiplication, and so when each Natural Principle continues to Expand and to acquire Three Dimensions, it Transforms to a different version of itself.
Some terms might seem more challenging than others. Especially the relationships with their surrounding terms are to be discovered by each of us through Self-Reflection, and as a Personal and Experiential form of Awareness. So, if some measures seem a bit unfitting, give them time and focus on what feels familiar and useful. With time, the surrounding relations between all indices will be better understood through Practice and Personal Experience.
Everything is related with each other in the Sets. It is our job to Investigate how they relate and take form throughout our lives.
The 1st Vertical Column in all Sets represent the most Principal Functions. They are the Foundations, and we use them as a Reference. Hence, we can Measure everything through them.
In fact, the Humane Standards offer a Pedagogic form of Governance which can be unraveled throughout our lives by remembering just 5 States of Being yourself. As such, it can be approached by any age, any background and all people, “academically inclined” or “street smarts”.
☝ The Humane Standards compose a Principled Epistemology of Everything. As a Protocol, it is All-Inclusive and Seamlessly Compliant with all Scientific, Religious and Artistic Disciplines. This is possible because the Humane Standards focus on the Mechanics behind our Humane Nature. All Doctrines are Compliant with the One prescribed by our Humane Body and Self.

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