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Is your question missing? Please

Is there a paid pack?

No there is not. We share the free pack as of the moment we have your engagement. You get the URL to install the pack in your documents.

Are there recurring costs?

No there are not as read this on
Sat, Mar 2, 2024
. You pay upfront for the template and or consulting. That is it and that is on purpose.

is there a limit to the docs or tables we can sync?

No there is not. You can sync as many tables and docs as you want. You need a team plan to have unlimited access to automations. Only Coda may be able to impose limits, but so far they don't when you have a Team plan.

Is there a limit to the rows we can sync

No there is not.

How is the template shared?

We create a private folder in our Coda account. In this private folder we share the template you can copy. In case you take the additional hour as well, we share two docs: the source doc and the target doc. We keep this template in this private folder for about 3 months. After that we delete the private folder, unless we still use this folder.

Do I need to understand Javascript or any other language?

No you don’t. We show you via the template and in the extra hour how to use the Coda Formula Language together with the Coda building blocks (like automations) to make it work.

Can I use multiple tables in one doc to sync with tables in multiple other docs?

Yes you can. You need to set it up with care and document your process.

Can I share one table to multiple tables in multiple docs?

Yes you can. Again you have to set it up carefully and document it really well. Filters in the automations (or if you like in buttons) will do the job for you. The applied logic is the same everywhere.

Can we hire you to set up complex 2 Way Sync automations?

Yes you can, it starts as of 2700 Euro upfront with 150 Euro per hour consulting fee (18 hours included) to be consumed in max consecutive 4 weeks.

Can we undo deleted rows?

There is the Coda version history you can access. Besides you can write the deleted row via a button to an archive table and restore them rather easily until a few days after when you work with the relation (previous LookUp) logic. This logic is not included in the template.

How can I filter my automations?

In the additional hour we can show how you can set up a filter. Once you have seen the pattern you are good to go.

What about images, attachments and image URL’s?

One per column and it works fine but with a certain delay because Coda checks first. Multiple images, files or images URL’s are not supported. This due to inner Coda functioning.

Are there limitations in what can be synced?

The multiple images, files and attachments won’t work. For most other issues you come across we may have a fix. We tested the solution for a few months, also with clients and one of the learnings is that you don’t want to have an empty column.
We cannot sync data living in a canvas column.

Can we transfer markup (like bold, italic, red color) to the target doc?

For the moment we cannot. We invested this path and wait for some Coda feedback to check again under what conditions this is possible.

Can we select all columns in the source table directly?

Not yet. We are on the outlook for a solution.

General point of attention

Bots don’t push bots, only humans do. Time based functions in the source doc won’t be reflected in the target doc. A function like Today() is a function in your doc listening to a change on the main server and reflecting it. This change cannot be heard by the target doc. Doc only listen to the central server or humans, they do not listen to other bots in related docs.

Want to print your doc?
This is not the way.
Try clicking the ⋯ next to your doc name or using a keyboard shortcut (
) instead.