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Doc 02 | How to Coda with VAT?

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How to Coda with VAT?

7 blogs and 7 pages with insights

The problem it solves

VAT related calculations are not difficult, but require focus to avoid mistakes and well documented conventions. The most demanding part could be how to isolate the VAT in the price per product as shown in and . The schema below shows the basic principle we describe in the blogs, links available on each page.
After reading the blogs and opening the formulas, you should be able to create your own advanced invoicing logic.

Untitled drawing (13).png
Coda is a new product. Though experienced developers have proposed ways to deal best with Coda challenges, the ‘Coda Cook Book’ is not yet written, but over time it might include insights as shared in this doc like the ones related to templating the VAT on the canvas (FormulaMap() combined with Format()).
We already see an evolution happening in the way Filters replaced the LookUp() formula (not to confuse with the Lookup function of a column) and in a next step we see more and more people using Contains() instead of the is equal symbol ‘ = ’. Instead of writing: Name = “Christiaan”, the preferred way today is: Name.Contains(”Christiaan”). The latter opens a world of opportunities you do not easily see in the first version of the Coda Formula Language. There are other examples like using chaining instead of the ToText() to force a comparison of equals. These examples show the evolution of the CFL and we only see the beginning.

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