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Marketing employs 7 employees
Mary Jones
Emily Johnson
William Moore
Amanda Hall
Ethan Baker
Chloe Carter
Jackson Turner
Operations employs 7 employees
Felix Marlin
Buck Dubois
Michael Williams
Laura Taylor
Andrew Young
Natalie King
Ethan Collins
HRM employs 5 employees
Christiaan Huizer
Polly Rose
Noah Hall
Evelyn Young
Avery Mitchell
Finance employs 6 employees
Jessica Brown
Matthew Anderson
Rebecca Scott
Ryan Wright
Ava Morgan
Sofia Scott
Customer Support employs 10 employees
James Booth
Robert Miller
Jennifer Wilson
Maria Martinez
Christopher Lee
Benjamin Hill
Olivia Adams
Lauren Mitchell
Harper Allen
Samuel Ward
Logistics employs 6 employees
Sarah Davis
Daniel Clark
Samantha Lewis
Samuel Walker
Mason Murphy
Zoe Hill
Sales employs 6 employees
David Jones
Justin Green
Victoria Turner
Mia Bell
Aiden Parker
Riley Adams
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Mon, Apr 29, 2024

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