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Cleaning Schedule

The Cleaning Schedule gives a solid plan to keep your house in order.

This cleaning plan was adapted from the zone-cleaning plan by . It helps you spend just 15-30 minutes per day cleaning your home, every day, to ensure it’s always ready for company.
Zones 1-5 are designed to be cleaned in correlation with the weeks in each month.
Weekly Refresh = completed once per week at any point
Zone 1 = week one of the month, Zone 2 = week two, Zone 3 = week three, and Zone 4 = week four
Zone 5 = week five of the month, or add to Zone 4 of this month or Zone 1 of next month
Seasonal / Equinox Tasks = completed quarterly around the equinox of each season
Click the “Done” button next to each task to mark it as completed and move it to the bottom of the section. Tasks can be assigned to family members if desired, as well as filtered by home area, zone, and who they are assigned to for easy viewing of what needs to be cleaned.
The Reset Schedule button will clear the “Done” column whenever you are ready to start the schedule over.
To show only the tasks assigned to you, click the “Show only my tasks” toggle.
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