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Creative Brief

About Mementum

Mementum connects digital experiences to personal mementos. We enable you to share a meaningful story through a keepsake that reminds anyone how much they matter, wherever life takes them.
Stories matter. They give meaning to our lives and remind us that we belong. Our mission is to serve humanity by connecting 100 million people through their shared memories and stories.

Project Overview

Digital content is consumed, then forgotten. Mementum enables your digital story to live forever through a personal memento that will outlast you next 30 smartphones. It’s jewelry that grows in meaning with each new memory.
You are witnessing the birth of an innovative form of personal storytelling, and we want you to be the first to pioneer this new interactive medium!
We believe that quality & creativity comes through quantity & experimentation - that’s why we are giving you creative control over this new form of content. It’s also why you will post to a new TikTok account that you manage, all without approvals. We’re excited to see what you create with Mementum!

Why collaborate with Mementum?

Earn a generous 20% commission on trackable revenue
Receive free Memenutm jewelry (retail value $170)
Improve your portfolio with an intrinsically viral product - creating emotional content is part of the experience

Campaign Objectives

Increase brand awareness with engaging video that leverages our unique value proposition - our jewelry unlocks digital memories in the Mementum mobile app
Increase sales by engaging with your audience and promote our product benefits

Target Audience

18-34 y.o. in the USA who are looking for a meaningful and unique gift for someone special in their life

Creative Direction

This project is different from your typical UGC request! We don't have requirements around length, style, voiceovers, etc.
Experiment, think outside the box, make mistakes, and have fun!
You are the content expert so we want you to be as creative as possible with Mementum


1. Create a new TikTok account
Include affiliate link and coupon code in-bio

2. Post daily for up to 30 days
Goal: Maximize views
Tag and include #mementum
Consistency is important for virality on TikTok. We strongly recommend posting everyday for up to 30 days
Please share your viral videos on so we can emulate your ideas!
No approvals required

3. Response Videos for Selling
Goal: Conversions
Respond to comments in your Daily Videos with another TikTok videos (see for answers to common questions)
If you go viral, focus on maximizing your revenue with response videos
No approvals required

Commission Structure and Payouts

20% of all trackable revenue excluding returns, taxes and shipping
25% of total commission is held until after the 30 day return window
Payments will be processed on the 1st and 15th of each month via PayPal
We use UpPromote for revenue tracking

This is a commission-only collaboration.

Resources and Links

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