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Selecting the right candidate

Interview advice

The ghSmart method assures that the best way to select A Players is through a series of four interviews that build on each other. Collectively, these interviews provide the facts you need to rate a person against the scorecard you have developed for the role. The A Players you want will be those who have a track record that matches your needs, competencies that align with your culture and the role, and plenty of passion to do the job you envision.
A couple of interviewing tips before moving ahead:
Get out of the habit of passively witnessing how somebody acts during an interview as the time span is too limited to reliably predict anything useful. If not, you will end up basing your decision on how somebody acts during a few minutes of a certain day.
Collect facts and data about somebody's performance track record.
Trust your gut to pass on candidates.
Don't trust your
to hire. There have been volumes written about how the first five minutes of an interview are what really matters, describing how interviewers make initial assessments and spend the rest of the interview working to confirm those assessments.

The four interview are:


Getting Curious: What, How, Tell me more

All the questions in the following interviews are simple to remember and easy to administer. But unless you follow up on the primary questions, you won't get all the answers you need.
Use the to dig deeper. Here's how it works. After the candidate answers a primary question, get curious by asking a follow up questions that begins with "what," "how," or "tell me more." Keep using this framework until you are clear about what the person is really saying.

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