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Hit the Gong Fast

The whole point of the screening interview is to weed people out as quickly as possible. We mentioned that before, but it bears repeating.
The 1970s TV phenomenon The Gong Show, the forerunner of many of today's so-called reality shows, provides a nice model for screening interviews. Contestants competed for what then seemed like fabulous trips and prizes by displaying a broad and highly variable array of talents. It usually didn't take long for the panel of judges to recognize the duds. As soon as it became clear that a contestant lacked any talent whatsoever, one of the judges would stand up, do a little dance, and hit a giant gong. Contestants were whisked off-stage before they could complain, while gleeful audiences celebrated of booed the judge's decision.
It wasn't pretty but in fact hitting the gong fast is exactly what good screening is all about. Too many managers make the costly mistake of lingering with candidates who are a bad match.
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