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To estimate the cost of finding a registration system, capturing developer profiles, registering applications, and managing the users of the apps, we’ve created this calculator to approximate how much it could cost given a set of variables that should be considered, at a base level, to manage apps and their users over time.

What’s the total cost to register apps and manage the members who use them?

Acquiring Options

Buying a third-party registration system: $
Outsourcing the registration service: $
Building your own registration system: $

Performing the registrations

Time cost to register apps: $

Supporting members and app developers

Member and tech support calls cost: $
Total cost (buy registration system): $
per year
Total cost (outsource registration capability): $
per year
Total cost (**build registration system): $
per year
** Build cost amortized over 5-years

So why use appSphere?

Our estimates show that, with conservative values used in the above calculations, an efficient app management suite, like appSphere, can save a healthcare organization between $75k to $100k for every 250,000 members in the health plan population every year. As such, we think there’s tremendous value to having an optimized end-to-end solution to manage an organization’s entire app ecosystem. And we’ve designed appSphere to do exactly that. 🚀

Additional Considerations

Note that this cost estimation doesn’t even capture the cost of wasted time due to lost in translation communication between teams since handling registration from disparate systems [who don’t use appSphere] means information resides in silos disconnected from all teams involved across the organization. The cost of ineffective communication across teams is approximately $12,506 per employee every year, according to .
From our experience, medium sized healthcare organizations (between 500 to 1500 employees) often involve at least six different departments (e.g., tech support, IT operations, customer service, marketing, information security, and legal/compliance) to implement a registration solution, register, and manage third-party applications so that the apps are ready for use by their member population. Assuming one person from each team, that means an additional communication “tax” of $
can be added each year to the costs due to an unoptimized processes to register and manage apps, while mitigating third-party risk and protecting app users. However, for the sake of simplicity, we don’t include this tax in our estimates and opt to be conservative with our claims.


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