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Rob Hough's Portfolio

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A brief intro into what this document is all about
Recruiter? My CV is right here 👇


Hiring designers is difficult. One of the things (amongst many) that’s difficult is to work out who is worth interviewing and who isn’t. It’s difficult to look at a CV in isolation and judge a designers skill and experience. Usually, designers show proof of their work via portfolio’s. However, the hiring teams I’ve worked with find these hard to base the early-selection criteria on. Designers often give hiring teams little to no guidance on what is a ‘good portfolio’ and whats ‘not a good portfolio’.
The problem is also that design is very contextual. Until you understand the full picture of what the goal of the work was, the designers role, the timeline, constraints etc – you can never get a good picture of the designers skills and approach.
So this document aims to solve two problems: Provide a better reading experience for hiring people and showcase work with more understanding
Hopefully this will help you decide if I’m a perfect candidate or complete wrong for the position you’re hiring for. The quicker you can say No to me if I’m not the right fit (or yes If I am!) – the better this doc is.
I would love your feedback on how this doc did/didn’t help you make your hiring experience better – 😀

How this is structured

This document is broken up into a few different pages:
Resume Updated CV that outlines my skills, experience, and relevant employment information.
Latest Projects A collection of the most recent projects I’ve worked on. These are collated in no particular order except by the timeline of when I worked on them
All Projects A collection of (almost) all the projects I’ve worked on. Categorised by type.


I’m a UK based product designer who helps businesses ‘see around corners’, using design and research, to minimise risk, validate new ideas, and bring a human touch to their products. Most recently, I’ve focused on helping early-stage companies launch new products to market.
Currently, I’m Head of Design at
, a boutique studio working with early-stage startups.
At nuom I lead a team of 3 designers. I work with a cross-functional team and startup founders to validate product ideas, ship high-quality software and advise them on how to optimise products for their customers. I work with a range of talented and brilliant designers, engineers, and project managers to help founders grow their business and deliver huge value to their customers.
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