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Getting Started

with Locomotion System

This Documentation will guide through the important bits, and we will provide more videos in the future to showcase the system.


Locomotion, Covers most of your needs, to start making your game into reality!
Everything fully customizable, easy to integrate and Plug & Play, comes packed with features that you can enable / disable on the fly!

System Features

Customize it, Make it yours - locomotion Allows you to customize / code your character in realtime set what you want locomotion to have.
IK Systems - locomotion features IK Foot placement system & Upperbody IK for Player Look at Camera.
Plug & Play - easy to setup and well documented and explained so you can make your own Game locomotion!
Motion Wrap - allows you to adjust character legs for more or less movement without speeding up the entire animations.
Fluid Movements - locomotion is built around the idea of having fluid movements so you can blend from one animation to another with ease.
Custom Profiles - Allows you to save your own preset after you do live changes on the Live Configurator.
Abilities System - use Abilities System to disable - enable features in realtime! like jumping sprinting walking whenever you need or setup profiles with their own abilities for your characters.
Full Locomotion - You can walk / jog / sprint / crouch / slide / jump ... and easily add any new feature you like.
Multi Genre Support - you can Change your Locomotion Type in realtime with a touch of a button, From TPP to TopDown and even 2D Side Scrolling.
Hand Made Animations - Up to 20 Different Stylized Hand made animations, to cover up your project needs.
Full Debugging System - Allows you to see your character Speed / Velocity / Direction / Acceleration / AnimState & More.
Levels For Each Genre - We Setup a Level for every Genre so feel free to explore them and use them as templates for making your own Games.
Limitless Customization - Customize then Test All in Playtime without interruptions, gone the days where you had to close the project to try random values.
Compatible With Advance Female Customization - You can make your own character using AFC and using Locomotion you can control your character tutorials coming soon.



Live Configurator Setup

Live Configurator Is a system inside Locomotion That Allows you to Customize your Character during PIE (Playing in Editor) you can select a character choose abilities setup that character camera settings movements settings and save everything into Presets that you can load and adjust at anytime!

Initial Setup

After you open locomotion you will be greeted with this screen
Head to the Directory Content > Locomotion > Blueprints
Right Click UI_Live_Configurator And Select Run Editor Utility Widget
then you need to drag Live Configurator and Dock it to The Side
Then you can hit
And Select a Preset

Selecting a Preset

there is few Presets included with Locomotion


TPS (Third Person Shooter)
TPA (Third Person Adventure)
Top Down
2D Side Scroller
Custom 1

Pro tip : Press G to show your Mouse Cursor then you can select any of these presets and it will update in playtime!

Choosing a Character

You Can Select a Character By Choosing From the Provided Mannequin Male & Female.
Or you can add your own Characters and link them to the Live Configurator!

Character Abilities

You can however your mouse and Check / Uncheck your character abilities
The Default abilities that comes with Locomotion are the following


Leaning (Allows the character to lean left / right when jogging + rotating their camera)
Jumping (Pressing Space Allows you to Jump)
Sliding (while running you can Press C to Slide on the Flower)
Crouching (Pressing C While jogging / standing Allows you to enter Crouch Mode)
Sprinting ( Pressing LShift Allows you to Sprint)
Turn InPlace ( Allows your character to rotate inPlace while standing still)
Walking ( Allows you to switch to Walk Mode In Adventure Mode)
Player Look At Camera (player looks where the camera facing, can set Head or Upperbody Only)
IK Foot System ( Add IK for the Foot Placement system Press I to disable / Enable it)
Motion Wrap ( Allows the player to adjust his feet when speeding up or slowing down)

Note : you can add / remove your own abilities to the live Configurator.

Global Settings

You can use Global Settings to control Gravity / Mass Scale / Acceleration of your Character

Camera Setup

Allows you to Change the Camera Angle Set Zoom Max Scale & Enable / Disable Camera Control

Camera Angles

Default (Default 3rd Person Camera)
OverTheShoulder (3rd Person Camera Over Player Shoulder)
Top Down (Top Down Camera Angle)
2D Side Scroller (2D Side Scroller With Inverse Controls)

Note : All Camera Angles Changes to Adventure Mode Expect Default Which Switches Him To, Third Person Shooter Mode.

Movements Setup

You can adjust your character speed in different animations, or conditions while play testing your during PIE (playing in editor) and see the effects while you do!
Pro Tip : you can open UI_Live_Configurator And set your own limits!


Leaning (Allows the character to lean left / right when jogging + rotating their camera)
Intensity : Allows you to control how intense the lean is
Min/Max Clamp : Clamps your leaning rotation on Roll
Interp Speed : Control how fast you would interpolate between Jog & Lean


Jump Max Height : How High can your character jump
Air Control : How much control do you have over the character while in Air

Turn InPlace

Delay Before Turning : how long does it take in seconds for the player to start Turning
Turn Speed Per Tick : How many units per tick would the player rotate
Interp Speed : Control how fast you would interpolate between Old & New Location

Resting to Default Settings

if you scroll to the end of the Live Configurator you will See this button if you press it your selected preset will reset to defaults
Note : if you reset All to Default your selected preset save file will be wiped & reset

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