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Youtube Creators Starter Kit

Plan and manage your Youtube content

A Coda doc to help Youtube Creators with their ideas, content, production and calendar planning.

Why Coda?

Get Started 👇

Start by creating a copy of this doc →
Create copy of this doc
and then
Delete all dummy data

Go to
and customize your stages.
Go to
(Hook-Intro-Content-Call to Action)
and customize your script template.
Add new ideas on
Add and manage your videos on
View your edit and launch dates in the
Save your launched videos and write down comments or feedback in the
Write down your scripts and brainstorm in

Automations behind this doc to help you save time🔮

Add and rank your new ideas to
. If you love one idea, check the box in the “Create video?” column and your idea will be automatically sent to the
When it’s time to start working on a video, change the status to “WIP” in
and a
copy will be created. Use the new page to write down your video script.

Last update: 26/04/2021
Made with ❤️ by
@Héctor Reyes

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