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We’re adding the ability to make and share forms. They are external facing, so you can share them without others seeing the data/tables behind them. If you want the form in the same doc as your table, you can embed, so you’ll be able to:
Collect feedback from customers and users.
Conduct anonymous staff surveys.
Embed a form on your website and connect it to your workflows.
Send multiple form variations and connect all the data in the one table.
The beta sign-up form is an example of this use case.

to see all the features of this beta.
Limitations and expectations
In beta, forms only work on NEW docs. Existing doc support will come with full launch.
Forms are external facing.
You can embed the form back into a doc as an in-doc form workaround.
We plan to have in-doc forms for our full launch.
You will find bugs and areas we need to polish up, so don’t make this an essential part of your workflow quite yet.
We have no plans currently to support branching or form logic (we highly recommend our good friends at for deeper use cases. We even have a pack to make that data easy to get.)
We are planning on making cover photos and removing Coda branding for external forms Pro tier features at launch.
We know that you need to share forms for them to be useful, but try to keep this beta largely to yourself. We’d like to make a big splash when we’re ready. 😀

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