Beta Feature Program Management Template

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A template for running beta programs in Coda
Welcome! This is the template that Coda uses to run its own high-priority beta feature programs. It offers an all-in-one doc solution for managing betas from user signup through the feedback loop.
This doc is primarily for Product Managers or Platform Managers who are managing the beta feedback process, but it can also be used by anyone to get feedback from a group of users.

How to use this doc

Make a copy of this doc
Change the example information on , , and to reflect your specific beta program.
Create and connect the databases listed in so you can receive signups and feedback/bugs/feature requests.
Publish this doc. Feel free to delete this page before you publish.
Send the published link to this doc to users and start your beta program!


: On this page, introduce your beta program, show users the primary features, and set expectations and limitations for the program and testers. We’ve left some example data on this page so you can see how we use it.
: You can use this page to write instructions for using and testing your beta feature.
: Here’s where you can show off the individual characteristics of the beta feature.
has instructions to set up the signup and feedback databases, as well as controls for the database connections themselves.
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