Workspace Template 1.0

Welcome To My Template !

Hey and welcome to my client dashboard template. This is currently version 1.0 and we are just getting started.

You’ll find many things inside this dashboard but the one thing it has been designed for is for you to be as productive as you can be.

Thats why not only have I written instructions down below but I’ve also written a few rules you should try and follow along with your client to make sure this process goes suppppeeerrrr smooootthhhhhh.

Anyway... enjoy !


How to use this template:

- This template is designed to be used between you, your team and a client. Make sure you invite them all by hitting share in the top right !
- It's duty is to house all communication in one place. This avoids app spread over email, instant messenger and other tools.
- You can make a copy of this document for each client you have and rename it to the name of their company.
- Make sure to delete this page and edit the questions inside . (instructions below on how to do this)

Pages and their use cases

- Tell a story about your agency and give the client something to do to help set up the project and limit the amount of calls you need to take. View results in . Make sure to bookmark that page as well. If you would like to edit the form then:

- Leave async messages for each other that help replace email and keep important questions separated from tasks. Keeping comms in one place.

- Allow your client to submit bugs, issues and things that need to be fixed.

- Allow your client and you to submit ideas that can be built up for the next phase of design or development. Great for retaining long term relationships so make sure to fill it up !

- For your client ! Make sure to put any tutorials or items they might need in here.

- You should hide this by default. It stores all data and your client details. To un-hide. Click the three dots next to the name and click "hide / un-hide".


These rules kept me going through months of testing this system out. It's extremely important to follow the comms one to ensure you do not fall back to using slack, discord or other messenger applications.

1. No surprise. All conversations should occur inside this template. That means when a client emails you, direct that conversation back to this template. "Thats great could you drop that as a comment in the dashboard. It'll help us keep track better of everything".

2. It's really important to know when clients have recieved an update. So once you've left some commentary for them make sure to update the details page in .

3. This system works really well if you stack things into . That way when you come to review your progress after a while you can upsell another month to your client with things that can improve their site. Make sure to focus on things that will help increase their KPI's to make their ROI always high.


Additional Help

We can help in 3 different ways:

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✨ 1:1 Consulting With Harry Mckay Roper ✨

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