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JS Flowchart Pack

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JS Flowchart

Generate flowcharts from JavaScript code.

JS Flowchart is a Coda Pack that allows you to pass in any Javascript code as input and receive a complete flowchart algorithm from it. The pack has a Formula called DrawFlowchart, this formula takes in JavaScript source code as a string input and outputs the algorithm of that code as an SVG image.

Javascript code input:

Here is a Javascript code function of the classic binary search algorithm.
function indexSearch(list, element) { let currentIndex, currentElement, minIndex = 0, maxIndex = list.length - 1;
while (minIndex <= maxIndex) { currentIndex = Math.floor(minIndex + maxIndex) / 2; currentElement = list[currentIndex];
if (currentElement === element) { return currentIndex; }
if (currentElement < element) { minIndex = currentIndex + 1; }
if (currentElement > element) { maxIndex = currentIndex - 1; } }
return -1;}


The output is a flowchart of the binary search algorithm.

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