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JS Flowchart Pack
JS Flowchart

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Why use JS Flowchart?

As a software engineer trying to explain or document complex algorithms from your code is not always an easy task, it can be a challenge to make colleagues on your team understand how your algorithms work. One way to clearly describe complex source code is through graphic representation such as flowcharts. However, making flowcharts can come with some problems such as:
Complex code: When the code is very complex a lot of effort is needed to draw the flowchart.
Costly: If the application or the system is very large, the time taken to draw the flowcharts is also large, and hence the cost of development goes out of proportion.
Difficult to modify: If there is any change in the source code or algorithm, it is necessary to redraw the flowchart. For complex flowcharts that is not a simple task.
No update: As per the software requirements, the programs are updated regularly. However, the corresponding changes in the flowchart may not be documented quickly enough.
I believe that with a powerful collaboration document such as Coda combined with a Pack to generate flowcharts from source code all the problems listed above can be solved, and that's why I built JS Flowchart.

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