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College Course Recommendations Template

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A new semester is here, which means another painful process of choosing courses: finding the best professors with easy classes, great ratings, a low workload... The list goes on endlessly.
Yet, you’re worried that you can’t fully trust what strangers are posting online. You might be concerned, for instance, that some professors are .
It’s tough. And so much harder than it needs to be.

This doc aims to help students choose their college courses more wisely.

This is a collaborative doc, meant to be shared among a friend group/club/organization. This finally gives students peace of mind — they can trust advice given by people that they actually know, and make informed decisions about courses they want to take.
(This is just a template that used USC courses as a base. Feel free to copy the doc and edit it accordingly for your own college!)

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Psst... I heard that Coda offers students a free Coda Pro plan for as long as they’re a student. 👀
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About the Author:

This is the second Coda doc published by , a current Growth Fellow @ He’s a rising junior at the University of Southern California, with a major in Business Administration and a minor in Applied Analytics.
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