Remote Usability Test

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Conducting The Test

Tip: try this out with a friend a day before so you can iron out any kinks in the flow..and really, you'll feel more confident if you've done this before 😉

✅ Last steps on testing day:

call / send reminder emails to your candidates. (you can go to your calendar, click an event → email guests).
test the prototype again and make sure you cover all the flows.
check the prototype link.
make sure you have your note taking template ready.
❤️ while you can use another display & take notes on your computer; this doc assumes you have only one display. Besides, users could be intimidated / distracted by the sounds of your typing while they are attempting to complete a task. Simply scribble down your notes on the paper. It's not hard to put them in the sheet later.

✅ Testing Procedure

Launch OBS.
Use the ⬇️ to see schedule. (It will be filled automatically if you have used the as explained before.)
click the hangouts link to access the virtual meeting space.
Note 1: Make sure that you got your candidates' consent for recording their session.
Note 2: This test does not record the users' webcam; only their screen & audio. It takes another webcam to record their facial expressions.
send them the prototype link.
Before beginning the test: ask the user to share their screen.
hit start in the table + Start recording inside OBS.
use the note taking template you downloaded to take notes as follows:
Success with no issues: write 1
Success with issues: write your notes in the box with the time it happened.
Failed to complete task: write 0
when the test is done, ⏰ Push End button in the Time Tracker table + 🎦 STOP RECORDING inside OBS.
rename recording to candidate name.

Use this timer to track session time & take notes at correct time
Push a start button to start the timer for a row.
Time Tracker Table
Candidate Name
Hangout Link
Scheduled time
Time Spent
Clear Time Spent
Test Start Time
Test End Time
User Testing SessionNoonz
4/2/2020, 10:00 AM
⏱ Start
End ⏱
⏱ Start
End ⏱
⏱ Start
End ⏱
⏱ Start
End ⏱
There are no rows in this table

🔂 Repeat the same process for all candidates.

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