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Lumanu Ad Access 2.0
Lumanu Ad Access 2.0

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Step 3: Inviting creators

Inviting a creator to grant BCA access via Lumanu

Log in to your Lumanu account via .
Navigate to Ad Access (New).
Click the Invite button in top right corner. Copy the link and share it directly with your creator partners.
If your Creators were previously whitelisted and now need to grant BCA access to your team, you can re-request access by clicking the ‘Invite Creator’ button next to their name. They will receive a brand partner request directly within their Instagram app.
Once a creator is populating on this screen with the ‘Approved’ ad access status listed, your team can begin creating branded content ads in Ads Manager from their instagram handle ().

See for an example email that you can send to your creators.

New ad access.png

Ad Access Status’

If a creator is appearing under the dashboard in the above screenshot, they have created a Lumanu account. The ‘ad access status’ on the right will note whether the team has full access to the creator’s instagram or not.
Pending approval = creator hasn’t attempted to grant access yet
Approved = creator has approved the instagram branded content request
Ineligible = creator is not eligible for monetization, and is therefore not able to have BCAs run under their instagram
Send invite = creator has been migrated from whitelisting 1.0 to whitelisting 2.0, and has not yet been sent a new BCA invite

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