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Lumanu Ad Access 2.0
Lumanu Ad Access 2.0

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How do I know if my creator’s account is eligible for monetization?

If your creator is not eligible for monetization, you will be able to see so within the ‘BCA Access’ tab of the Lumanu platform. Under Ad Access Status, ‘⚠️ Ineligible’ will be listed next to their account name.
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What makes a creator account ineligible for monetization?

Confirm that your creator has an Instagram Professional account (business or creator). Most Instagram Professional accounts will be eligible for monetization.
If your creator partner has a professional account and is not eligible for monetization, they have likely been flagged for breaking Meta advertising or community policies in the past. You can see Meta’s eligibility policies broken down further at .

Is there a way for an ineligible creator to request eligibility for the Branded Content Tool?

The creator can attempt to request access to the Branded Content Tool on Facebook via .
Note: this request is for Branded Content Ads access on Facebook, not instagram. With that being said, the branded ads will run from the creator’s Facebook Business Page.

Why does the brand need to grant Lumanu access to our IG/FB page?

In order for Lumanu to send a Branded Content Ads invite to a creator from your company’s Instagram account, we need to be assigned as an advertiser to your Instagram Business Account and Facebook Page. Please note that your team only needs to do this step once. Alternatively, your creator partners will go through a simple approval process that they do directly within the instagram app.

When granting access, why does Lumanu need permission to Manage my business?

This gives Lumanu the ability to assign itself as an advertiser to the Facebook business Page you are authenticating.
Lumanu's protocol only uses this permission during the authentication step. This permission is necessary so that appropriate access can be given to Lumanu in order to boost influencer posts.

Who can grant access to the brand’s FB/IG page?

Anyone with the below access can grant advertising access to your company Instagram account and Facebook Page:
Has log in credentials to company instagram
Admin access to company Facebook Business Page
Admin access to company Facebook Business Manager

If our team previously had ad access to a creator’s account via whitelisting 1.0, do I need to re-request access via BCA?

Yes, your creator partners will need to re-grant your team ad access. After your team completes BCA setup, the creator’s information will be automatically added to your team’s new Ad Access tab. Next to their account info, there will be an ‘invite creator’ button that you’re able to click to send a brand partner request directly to their instagram app.
Once they accept the brand partner request within their instagram app, your team will have full access to the creator’s instagram account.

How do I know an ad is run via BCA when scrolling on instagram or Facebook?

Branded Content Ads feature both the brand and the creator in the ad header above the ‘sponsored’ or ‘paid partnership’ tag.

Screenshot 2023-02-28 at 11.39.26 AM.png
Whitelisted ads will only mention the creator handle in the ad header.

Can I still build creator audiences and lookalike audiences using BCA?

Yes, you can build custom and lookalike audiences off of your creator’s instagram professional account.
See for steps on how to do so.

How do I set up a Branded Content Ad?

See our step-by-step guide on creating branded content ads and audiences

Who can remove a BCT connection?

A creator can remove a brand partner at any time directly within their Instagram app under the ‘Monetization and Shops’ section.

What happens if I build an ad using the BCT and the creator has not accepted our request?

You will be able to build the ad, but the ad will not go live until the creator has accepted the brand partner request.

Can a creator see what the spend is behind their ad?

No, they will not have visibility into ad spend.

Can the creator see insights of the ads that are created using their handle?

Yes, the creator will have visibility into ad reach and engagement.

Does the creator still have to have a Facebook Business Page connected to their Instagram account to be able to run ads?

No, your creator partners can now grant branded partner access to only their instagram account via Lumanu.
The only requirement is that their instagram is set to a professional account (Instagram Business or Creator account).

What do I do if I (the company) run into issues? If my creator runs into issues?

Contact for further assistance. Please provide the below information upfront so our team is able to assist you as effectively as possible:
A description of the issue
Any screen recordings or screenshots displaying the issue
If it is a creator issue, please provide the name and instagram account of your creator partner.

Can I create a Branded Content ad in Ads Manager using a creators existing organic post?

The ‘Use Existing Post’ tool is available when building a BCT ad in Facebook’s Ads Manager. However, the organic content that is available to repurpose requires that the creator first tag the brand.
If the creator us unsure on how to tag your brand in an organic post please share the following which will walk them through the steps to create a organic Branded Content Post/Story/Reel

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