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All feedback should be added to the Table, found in the Section. Here are a few ways to capture the inputs you need:

Capture feedback via the Intercom pack

Sync this doc directly with Intercom to automatically pull in feedback. Add the Intercom pack by clicking Explore→ Packs → Intercom. Then, sync your account and drag the “Conversations” table right into the doc. Try adding filters to the table to zero in on the conversations with important feedback (we like filtering on tags).

Pull other feedback sources via Zapier

is an online automation tool that connects your favorite apps like Coda, Gmail, Slack, MailChimp, and over 1,000 more. With the Coda app for Zapier, you can automate workflows bringing data in and out of Coda. To learn about the possibilities, visit our help page
. You can start with connecting the below examples to the Table:

Enter feedback directly in this doc

Every day you talk to your customers, but not all of these conversations are tracked in tickets, surveys, or call logs. Using the Section of this doc, you can have your teams append their untracked customer requests to the feedback coming from the other channels you're collecting it from.
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