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Hadar's Product Interviewing Toolkit

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Hadar's Product Interviewing Toolkit

Interviewing to be a Product Manager is a dance, and to do well you have to learn the moves.
Hadar Dor has worked as a Product Manager since 2011, most recently at Lyft as a Senior PM for 3 years. He has led committees to define Lyft's overall product interview process and APM hiring program, has interviewed hundreds of PMs, and has coached dozens of people on how to improve their interview skills.

Hadar writes at and can be found on and


Throughout my career in product, I've really enjoyed interviewing. I've interviewed with a ton of companies across the industry, have conducted and coached mentees through hundreds of interviews, and have been made fun of by friends for "actually enjoying doing interviews."
I've detailed below how I think about product interviewing. Always happy to chat more about this, feel free to !

Bonus: Here’s a I did with Product School walking through this doc.

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