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Georgia Tech
Computer Science
Applied Mathematics
English Literature
Applied Mathematics
Computer Science
University of Michigan
Computer Science
Georgia Tech
Computer Science
Venture Capital, Robotics, Entrepreneurship
GT Robotics: A club for students interested in robotics and automation. Members work on various projects, attend competitions, and participate in outreach events.
Startup Exchange: A club for aspiring entrepreneurs and those interested in venture capital. Members attend workshops, network with industry professionals, and have opportunities to pitch their ideas to investors.
HackGT: A student-run hackathon organization that hosts events throughout the year. Members have the chance to work on innovative projects, attend workshops, and network with tech industry professionals.
Math Club: A club for students interested in mathematics and its applications. Members participate in math competitions, attend talks by guest speakers, and engage in mathematical problem-solving.
Women@CC: A club for women in computer science and related fields. Members participate in workshops, mentorship programs, and social events aimed at promoting diversity and inclusion in the tech industry.
Freshman Cake Race: A 1.5-mile race where first-year students carry a cake.
Ramblin' Wreck Parade: A parade featuring the iconic 1930 Ford Model A Sports Coupe known as the Ramblin' Wreck.
Homecoming Week: A week of festivities, including a parade, pep rally, and football game, to celebrate alumni and the university.
Swarm Week: A week of events to welcome new students and introduce them to campus life.
Midnight Bud: A tradition where students gather at midnight to watch Bud Peterson, the former president of Georgia Tech, ring the Tech Tower bell.
Iconic Campus Spots
The Campanile
Tech Tower
Bobby Dodd Stadium
The Kessler Campanile
The Student Center Ballroom
Famous Professors Teaching Computer Science at Georgia Tech:
Mark Riedl: Researcher and educator in the field of interactive narrative and artificial intelligence.
Ada Gavrilovska: Focuses on distributed systems and cloud computing.
Santosh Vempala: Expert in algorithms, probability, and machine learning.
Professors Teaching Mathematics at Georgia Tech:
Michael Lacey: Known for his contributions to harmonic analysis and partial differential equations.
Dana Randall: Research interests include random algorithms and phase transitions in combinatorial problems.
Interesting Classes
Classes based on Computer Science major:
CS 6475 - Computational Photography: This class explores the intersection of computer vision and photography, and teaches students how to use algorithms to manipulate and enhance digital images.
CS 6476 - Computer Vision: This class covers the fundamentals of computer vision, including image processing, feature detection, and object recognition. Students will learn how to build computer vision systems using Python and OpenCV.
CS 6210 - Advanced Operating Systems: This class dives deep into the theory and practice of operating systems, covering topics like process scheduling, memory management, and file systems.
CS 6474 - Information Visualization: In this class, students will learn how to use data visualization to explore and communicate complex data sets.
CS 6340 - Software Analysis and Testing: This class teaches students how to write effective software tests and analyze the performance and reliability of software systems.
Classes based on Mathematics minor:
MATH 2401 - Differential Calculus: This class covers the basics of calculus, including limits, derivatives, and optimization.
MATH 2402 - Integral Calculus: In this class, students will learn the fundamental theorem of calculus and use integration techniques to solve problems in physics, engineering, and economics.

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