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My overview

We remember how stressful the college application was. We were all over the place in researching, collating, and gathering information for the many colleges we wanted to apply to and secure our dream place. Through Coda AI we created a template that manages that stress, and optimizes your workspace, by including all of that information in a simple readable format.
Through our template you save 90% of your time spent in researching about your dream schools. Just input the College Name, Major, Minor and your Interests and then Coda’s AI will give you Interesting Classes, Professors, Clubs, Traditions and all the relevant information about that college based on these four important details.
People can use the simple, minimal, and effective design to organize their workspace, see their research of all of their college choices, and envision a seat at their dream schools. We want them to!
We want people to use this template not just to track their research for college applications, but for internships and Job applications once they find themselves in the position to apply to be a part of the workforce. For now, we’ve focussed on this, but the same template can be fine tuned with minimum effort for other use cases such as Job Applications.

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