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Project Brief Quickstart

A project brief is a high-level overview of your team's approach to a project. It can contain objectives, deliverables, milestones, budgets, and more.
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How do you write a project brief? A project brief defines the scope, objectives, and requirements for a project. A project brief will contain a written summary of the project as well as images and charts to support the approach to the project.
When writing a project brief, there are key sections you should include in order to successfully launch and complete a project. These sections include:
Background information about your team or company
A high-level description of the project
End user or target audience for the project
Objectives for the project–consider using as a framework to define objectives)
Budget and resources required
Scope of the project–it is important to define what is out of scope for the project as well
Measurement and metrics to define whether the project was successful
These are just some of the sections you should include, and this template is flexible enough so that you can define these sections as you please.
Task List Template
Now that you know how to write a project brief, the next question is how do you manage tasks for the project? In order to manage project’s tasks, you need a task list template that contains the following columns or fields:
Team Owner
Due Dates
These are the very basic column headers you’ll need to effectively complete the tasks for the project. In this template, you can add more or less columns depending on how granular you want to manage your tasks. The key is to have the entire team using the template so that everyone is clear on the status of an individual task and the project as as whole.
Views of Project Management Tasks
Typically after writing a project brief in Microsoft Word or Google Docs, you will manage the day-to-day project management tasks in a separate tool like Microsoft Project, Asana, or Trello. Instead of bouncing between different tools, what if you could see the high-level project brief and the detailed project tasks all in one place? This template answers this question by allowing you to create multiple sections that can contain the project brief and detailed tasks.
As your task list gets longer and longer, it’s important that team owners see just the tasks that are important to them. Utilizing in Coda, each team member can filter the main task list template down to just the tasks that matter to them. Then, when a team owner is ready to update a task from their team’s list, that update is made through the entire template so that there is no confusion about the status of that task.
Check out for more product management-related templates.

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