Connecting to AirBnB

Currently there is no direct connection to AirBnB possible. However using the free Zapier site you can connect your Google Calendar to MyBnB.
The first step is to connect AirBnb to a Google Calendar. You will need to create a specific Calendar to keep these events in their own container. Then you will connect this calendar to an Action in Zapier.
Create Google Calendar for AirBnB events (eg calendar named "AirBnB Bookings")
Connect this Calendar to AirBnB
Sign up for Zapier (
Search for and then select the Coda to Google Calendar integration
zapier setep 1.png
Click "Make a Zap" button
Under "Connect this app..." Type/Search for Coda.
Under "With this one!" Type/Search for Google Calendar
Under "When this happens.." Select New Event
Under "then do this!" Select Upsert Row
Click "Use Zap" button to go to next step
Connect Your Google Calendar to Zapier
Select the Calendar you created in Step 1
Test a Sample Event (optional)
In this step, Zapier will look for a new event to show up in your calendar. This step is optional but helps ensure your Zap works correctly. To test this just add a new event to the calendar you created in Step 1. Otherwise just press the Skip This Step button on this dialog and then the Continue Without Samples button on the next dialog.
Connect Coda to Zapier

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