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Hex Gorillas WhiteCanvas 1.1
Enter The Gorilla

Phase One

The "Genesis" Generation
There were many places we could have partnered with to ensure our vision, but after reviewing the platform's priorities, the was the only one that shared our vision for the future. Others wanted us to set the price of $UST at triple or quadruple what it will be on . Talis' team was the only one who, like us, wanted to sustain a community, work toward a goal, and not pass up an opportunity to create something amazing for a few thousand dollars. We are committed to Talis Protocol, and we want you to be as well.
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Once the first 100 unique and never-to-be-minted-again HG are acquired, the 100 lucky adopters will be immediately honored in a way that will forever enshrine them in the history of Hex Gorilla. There will never be the first 100 again, and this group throughout the entirety of Gorilla history will be forever known.
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The First 100
Within this prestigious group, there will be five special recipients who will have minted the rarest HGs of the Genesis generation. They will have distinct honors bestowed upon them, including, but not limited to, Phase Two priority, Phase Three "Knighthood," and forever be the first Gorillas we come to with new features, airdrops, and promotions. This is not to say that the other 95 will be left out of the adventure. They too will be within the upper echelon of Gorilladom and have special access to what we have in store for the future.
Once the initial offering has concluded, and with the intention of it being a success, those that purchased the first 100 HG will receive another one to start you on your journey to the later stages of this project. Depending on how fast the first 100 are adopted, an additional airdrop of $UST may be added to make sure those that missed out, but showed a genuine interest, are reminded that their turn to be a part of this project is coming. (TBD)
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