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Hex Gorillas WhiteCanvas 1.1
Phase One


The reward mechanics will be based solely on the initial , and with the understanding that if we are somehow short of selling the 200 initial HG, then we will determine at that time the viability of continuing the project toward another better suited reward mechanic, or re-releasing another round of initial offerings. The one thing we know that we will be depending on is the community involvement. What we have seen so far, we have no doubt that our fellow artists, collectors, and initial investors will support an “out of the box,” project like ours. In return for that support, we as a community will increase the awareness of The Talis Protocol, and bring new users into our space.
After the , we will make sure to take care of the supporters who were either too late, financially constrained, or disinterested in our project. This is a particular focus of our team because although we feel that with the right communication strategy, and some impeccable timing it will succeed; we also know that art is subjective. That not everyone in this space is concerned with the growth of community, and that a very small minority is only out for their own financial gain. There is nothing wrong with wanting to have enough wealth to take care of you and yours. We ask that small group to see past your initial reservations and think about how a successful project, or many successful projects impact the community as a whole. Increased traffic, and increased visibility will lead to everyone winning. So to support those groups unlucky enough to adopt one of the Genesis HG, we will implement other ways for you to participate in a “Supporters Airdrop,” which will be determined by the overall interest shown in ours, and other projects launching soon. Needless to say, there will be an many opportunities to be a part of the community. The more involved, the more rewards. We see this as not just about us, but about forming a community based on collaboration and innovation. We do, however, understand that you gorillas want some $$$ to feel valued. I assure you, no matter where you fall on that scale, we will make you feel and understand that this cannot be done without you.
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Reward mechanics roadmap

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