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Product Vision

[Product] aims to streamline the process of [electronic document management and signing flow] by consolidating current functionality and improving based on user needs and market research. Our focus is on delivering a solution that is intuitive, user-friendly, and aligned with the business requirements.

To go in direction
1. Integrate all functionality related to document management and signing process into our platform 2. Optimize our platform based on user research, including the creation of user personas and customer journey mapping 3. Gather requirements and solutions from a range of stakeholders to ensure that our product meets the needs of our users 4. Leverage market research and find best practices
Our key priorities
To preserve important functionality to ensure continuity of work during the transformation of the [Product]
Detect problems, time killers of users when using our product
Building our product using the latest user interface design principles and technologies.
Explore user use cases and get rid of unnecessary functionality

Learnability (time curve for repetitive operations per user)
The number of requests from newcomers to the support
Loading time of 20K rows of the table

Research Methods
User Interview
To gather insights and understand the needs of our users, we conducted one-to-one interviews via calls. The data and information gathered from these interviews were then recorded and organized into artifacts for further analysis. Market Research
Conduct market research by analyzing existing [Electronic document management] systems and identifying best practices in the industry. This helped us understand the competitive landscape and inform our product strategy.

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