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Animal Crossing Flower Breeder Tracker and Tips

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Animal Crossing Flower Breeder Tracker and Tips

Tips on how to breed, clone and keep track of your flowers in Animal Crossing: New Horizons
There are 8 types of flowers in New Horizons with a total of 53 varieties between them (plus an additional 6 special variants)
If you want to track your own flower progress just "Copy Doc" ↗️ and go to
Breeding is when 2 flowers of the same species next to each other are watered and created a new bud
The best way to breed is using a criss-cross pattern (see below)
← find all the breeding combinations here
Cloning is when a single flower (not next to any of the same species) is watered and replicates itself
← Find more cloning tips here
Having visitors water your plants increases the chance they will breed or clone
Chance increased by 20% for each visitor who waters up to a max of 100%
To get all the varieties in the game you will need to cross-breed a variety of flowers
There is a more advanced guide with lots of data

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