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Our mission

Klen - The number one space for Create Interactive employee experiences all in the browser
Klen is a platform for interactive employee experiences. It is a place for virtual and hybrid teams to learn and socialise together.
Typically when working in a physical space, employee experiences such as workshops, team bonding and happy hours allowed employees to learn and socialise together.
As we move to the hybrid era of work, these experiences have become both difficult to create and run, as teams are limited with the current tools not built for these types of experiences. These experiences which allowed employees to learn and engage and build rapport and culture have become awkward, less engaging and difficult and expensive to run and create.

Some stats around remote work:
According to a report by Strategic Analytics, by 2022, over 1.87 Bn people will be working remotely full-time, which will be about 42.5% of the world’s working population. By 2025, it's estimated that 70% of the world workforce will start working at least five days remotely in a month.
The three biggest challenges associated with remote work are unplugging after work (22%), loneliness (19%) and communication (17%)

Why is this a problem and how is it currently solved?
The current video-communication platforms (i.e Zoom Gmeet, Teams) are largely designed to cater for 1-1 or 1-many dialogues. They are created to serve experiences such as general meetings, standups or an All hands meeting. These are not the scenarios we want to serve. We are focused on creating a tool that will serve experiences that require teams to be collaborative in an interactive space. Examples of this include participating together in a workshop from an external expert, carrying out a team bonding activity together, participating in a fun retrospective. We are creating the tools to make these experiences digitally native, that involves making them collaborative by default and making them easy to create.

The limitations of our We currently have one interface that serves a thousand use cases, from internal discussions to happy hours, and this problem I have personally faced while creating Team huddles and leading workshops at my time at Microsoft
and the new interactive platforms that have started recently largely focused on creating virtual experiences that aren’t built for purpose in the work context or are built to serve one specific niche i.e Webinars, marketing events and are mostly outwardly facing.
To clearly

When we visualise what Klen will be, it is largely focused in creating immersive interactive experiences, we want to be the one stop shop for virtual employee experiences that in the real world would require physical interaction, that would require serendipity, employees sitting in a room going through a workshop. We are not trying to recreate the physical experience but we are imagining what these employee experience look and feel like virtually.


As companies move to a hybrid state of work and teams become more distributed, how employees interact with one another, how they congregate, learn and build team culture will become even more important than it is today and Klen is going to be the platform to close this gap.

Our approach

What's the underlying problem we've observed? Key examples to demonstrate? How will this create value for our customers?


How long will this take? What resources are needed?
Won’t the metaverse serve for this?
What are you raising money for?

Where is your exit strategy?

What are your areas of weaknesses?

What are the core risks and how do you go about derisking?
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