: Created by MTC, this useful document Example policies and programs for general plan Housing Elements.
: This is a comprehensive, interactive list of Housing Element Policies sorted by subject matter.
: Centuries of decisions and policies have shaped our cities to be the way they look today, including racial and economic segregation that persists into the 21st century. Check out this explainer with additional links and resources
: Want to know how much housing your city needs to zone for in this Housing Element? Download your cities data here.
Want to learn more about how and why cities need to comply with housing law?
: This guide teaches you the basics to a disability-inclusive approach to housing elements that creates better housing for all people.
: The purpose of Site Check is to accelerate the production of housing by facilitating planning decisions and clarifying where existing streamlining options under the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) may apply. Site Check allows users to filter parcels based on specific CEQA provisions or whether the parcels meet certain requirements, like whether they are in an urbanized area, within a certain distance to transit, or covered by a specific plan.
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