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Housing Element Tracking

Below is a in process table compiled by Greenbelt Alliance staff relating to Housing Element updates we are working on around the region. Are you working on a Housing Element that you see needs to be updated in this table? Reach out to us! Send an email to Karen to let her know
Housing Element Tracking
Housing Element
HE Timeline
Contact Info
Internal Notes
Engagement Letter Sent
HE Notes
Alameda County
5th Cycle’s progress: 47%
6th Cycle: 5406 units
RFP for EJ Element expected to be chosen by June or July
(510) 670-5400
5th Cycle’s progress: 44%
6th Cycle: 1125 units
(510) 528-5760
5th Cycle’s progress: 38%
6th Cycle: 9025 units
Alex Amoroso and Leslie Mendez, Project Managers
5th Cycle’s progress: 102%
6th Cycle: 3719 units
The City of Dublin is currently working on our Housing Element Update, where we have held two public meetings to date. The next public meeting will tentatively be held on May 18th. We anticipate adoption of our Housing Element in Summer 2022. In addition to the Housing Element, the City plans to update our Land Use Element for consistency with the Housing Element. The City also anticipates updating our Safety Element and adding environmental justice policies. For additional information, please visit:
Michael Cass, Principal Planner (925) 833-6628
has been ammended very much
East County Area
5th Cycle’s progress: 24%
6th Cycle: 1832 units
Miroo Desai, Senior Planner (510) 596-3785
5th Cycle’s progress: 69%
6th Cycle: 12897 units
The 30-day public comment period will be open from Friday, July 8 through Monday, August 8. Members of the public are encouraged to review the documents below and email any comments to
5th Cycle’s progress: 32%
6th Cycle: 4664 units
We received a LEAP grant from the State to update our Housing Element and we are currently drafting the RFP for consultant support on the project. We plan to send the RFP out in the next month and to kick off the project this summer. The full scope of work for the project is unknown at this time because we will work with a consultant to develop a scope, but we do anticipate that our RFP will identify the following General Plan Updates, in addition to the Housing Element Update:
Updating all programs and policies related to the Climate Action Plan which will require update of multiple Elements.
Either adding a Environmental Justice Element and/or updating multiple Elements to include EJ policies and programs.
Updating the Safety Element in accordance with State Law
Christina Morales, Housing Division Manager (510) 583-4311 Leigha Schmidt
5th Cycle’s progress: 46%
6th Cycle: 4449 units
Tricia Pontau, Assistant Planner (925) 960-4450.
5th Cycle’s progress: 48%
6th Cycle: 1891 units
Art Interiano, Deputy Community Development Director (510) 578-4330
Jan 2022: Will be updating their Health and Safety and Environmental Hazards soon
5th Cycle’s progress: 60%
6th Cycle: 26493 units
Diana Perez Domencich, Planner II 510-238-3550
5th Cycle’s progress: 39%
6th Cycle: 587 units
The full scope of work for the project is unknown at this time because we will work with a consultant to develop a scope, but we do anticipate that our RFP will identify the following General Plan Updates, in addition to the Housing Element Update.
Pierce Macdonald-Powell,
Senior Planner
reached out via email 7/26 for update
Responded with website
seems like there are no concrete plans for outreach or upcoming meetings
Pleasanton HE Draft Sites Inventory Feedback Letter.pdf
5th Cycle’s progress: 59%
6th Cycle: 5965 units
Introductory Kick-Off Meetings: April - May 2021 Housing Needs Assessment; Policies and Programs Review: May - September 2021 Initial Sites Inventory, Methodology and Criteria: July - September 2021 Preparation of Comprehensive CEQA Project Description: November 2021 Environmental Review Scoping and NOP: December 2021 CEQA Sites Inventory Selection Meetings: December 2021 – January 2022 Prepare Technical Studies; Draft Housing Element and EIR: December 2021 – May 2022 HCD 60-Day Review Period & Meetings to Review PRD HE: June - July 2022 Public Draft Program EIR (45-Day Review Period): July-August 2022 Final Sites Inventory and Final Housing Element: August - Oct 2022 Public Hearings to adopt Housing Element and Final EIR: Nov 2022 - Jan 2023
Shweta Bonn, Senior Planner (925) 931-5611
Pleasanton HE Draft Sites Inventory Feedback Letter.pdf
San Leandro
5th Cycle’s progress: 7%
6th Cycle: 3887 units
Andrew Mogensen, Planning Manager
took HE survey on 12/9
Union City
5th Cycle’s progress: 29%
6th Cycle: 2287 units
Contra Costa County
5th Cycle’s progress: 38.1%
6th Cycle: 3046 units
Public comment period: May 16, 2022-June 15, 2022 - written comments may be submitted to Anne Hersch, Planning Manager, at
Winter 2022: Draft Housing Element Updates, Draft Safety Element Updates, Draft EJ Policies, Rezoning, Explore and Refine Solutions
Spring 2022: Environmental compliance, Draft EJ policies + EJ policy public comment and city review, Draft safety element updates + public comment and city review, HE public comment and city review + initial site review + rezoning
Fall 2022: finish Environmental Compliance, end of public comment and review for EJ policies, end of public comment for Safety Element, initial state review for HE, rezoning for HE
Winter/Spring 2023: Final state review and certification for HE
Forrest Ebbs, Community Development Director
Zoe Meredith, Senior Planner
Entered into a contract with a consultant to prepare the new Housing Element. They expect to concurrently update the Safety Element and draft a new Environmental Justice Element. This additional effort will be going to the City Council for approval on July 27. They have not developed a public schedule just yet, but we hope to have all efforts completed well ahead of the 2023 deadline. There will be ample opportunities for public participation as we move further into the process.
reached out via email → response: no progress made
updated their docs and schedule on website
1/13/22 updated coda with previous meetings and current winter 2022 timeline/planned schedule
1/26/22 and asked to present to staff on playbook and learn more about update
they said they will watch the Pinole presentation and decide
3/8/2022 attended city council meeting to support transitional housing overlay
Passed 3-2
05/31/22 Update
Public comment period: May 16, 2022-June 15, 2022 - written comments may be submitted to Anne Hersch, Planning Manager, at
sent comment letter > overall good
No updates

5th Cycle’s progress: 213%
6th Cycle: 1536 units
Erik Nolthenius, Planning Manager (925) 250-6583
reached out 11/9
should be kicking the project off in the next week or two
recently approved a contract with Kimley-Horn to provide assistance with the Housing Element
11/19 - will be kicking off project soon :)
1/13 sent an email for an update about HE and plugged Playbook
no info on website about the HE update
Erik responded 1/14
Website should be live in February
Looking at a joint meeting with the Planning Commission and City Council at the end of March
Not updating any other elements concurrently
Housing Element Update Work Program pdf in email
January 2022 update
In a contract with Kimley-Horn as the consultant
Website should be live in February
Looking at a joint meeting with the Planning Commission and City Council at the end of March
Not updating any other elements concurrently
3/17/22 requested update form Erik and plugged the Playbook
No updates
Comments and feedback on the Draft Document will be collected from August 25, 2022, to September 27, 2022.

5th Cycle’s progress: 4.4%
6th Cycle: 570 units
June 2021 - Project Kick-off and City Tour
July 2021 - Community Engagement Plan Project Website (Optional)
August 2021 - Stakeholder Focus Group or Interviews Review Existing Housing Element Housing Needs Assessment Site Inventory Work Begins
September 2021 - City Council Briefing, Community Workshop #1, Housing Constraints Analysis and Assessment
October 2021 - Online Survey
December 2021 - Housing Plan (Goals, Policies and Objectives)
January 2022 - General Plan Consistency Review
February 2022 - Admin Draft Housing Element Rezoning (Optional)
March 2022 - NOP / Scoping Meeting Public Review Draft Housing Element Community Workshop #2 Council and Commission Hearings
April 2022 - HCD Review Draft Housing Element Draft Land Use Element / Zoning Code Amendments (Optional)
July 2022 - Draft IS/MND
September 2022 - Final IS/MND
October 2022 - Council and Commission Hearings (Adoption)
December 2022 - Final Housing Element
Dana Ayers, Community Development Director (925) 673-7300
Milan Sikela, Assistant Planner (925) 673-7300
reached out 7/26 via email
Council authorized execution of the professional services agreement. The estimated timeline for completion of the update is on pdf page 110 of the agenda packet.
The May 18, 2021, agenda full packet can be downloaded here:
reached out 11/30
took HE survey 12/1
34% of respondents don’t support any new housing in Clayton
1/13/22 no new updates on website
Finished 30-day public review and held 4 community comment meetings
Submitted draft to HCD on July 14, 2022
The Draft EIR comment period will begin on August 19, 2022, and close on October 3, 2022.

5th Cycle’s progress: 4%
6th Cycle: 5121 units
June 2021 - Data collection begin
Aug. 2021 - Consultant contract to Council
Sept. 2021 - Community outreach begins
Dec. 2021 - Background documentation completed
June 2022 - Draft sites inventory
July 2022 - Draft Housing Element released
July-Sept. 2022 - HCD review
Dec. 2022 - Final Housing Element to Council
Jan. 2023 - Adopted Housing Element to HCD
Mindy Gentry, Planning Manager (925) 671-3369
Planning Division General Email
Took Concord Survey 1/3
1/13 no new updates on website
Sent Policy Recommendations Letter 3/28
The public review period ended June 27, 2022. We are currently reviewing comments and taking into consideration your input as we prepare the next Draft Plan, which will is projected to be posted for review in July 2022.
the Draft 6th Cycle Housing Element for the City of Concord was made available for a 30-day public review period from May 27, 2022, through June 27, 2022.
This draft will be sent to the California Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD) for a 90-day review period on Monday, August 15th, 2022.

5th Cycle's progress: 51% 6th Cycle: 2241 units
Launch: Winter 2021
Engage: Spring 2021
Alternatives: Summer-Fall 2021
Draft: Spring 2022
Adopt: Winter 2023
David Crompton, Chief of Planning (925) 314-3349
10/1 update
Took poll on TownTalks webpage and 2/3 of people think housing is not affordable in Danville
July 9, 2021 filed RHNA appeal
1/13 no new updates on website
Sent Housing Policy Recommendations letter 3/9
The is now available for a public review period that will conclude on August 1, 2022.
Currently in 90 day initial state review period

El Cerrito
5th Cycle’s progress: 87%
6th Cycle: 1404 units
Updated 7/24/22
August 2022: Public Review Draft HE, Planning Commission and City Council Hearings, Virtual Community Workshop
September - December 2022: HCD Review
February 2023: Revised HE, CEQA Review, Planning Commission and City Council Hearings
April 2023: Final HE
Sean Moss, Planning Manager (510) 215-4359
Jeff Ballantine, Senior Planner
Aissia Ashoori, Housing Analyst
reached out 7/26 via email
no updates yet
told to check back in Fall/Winter
reached out 11/9 via email
11/30 no response…
Fred from SRVCC recommended reaching out to Lisa Montoyama, a city council member with lots of housing experience
1/13 reached out to Ashoori Aissia, Housing Analyst
no updates on website
We are please to share the draft 2023-31 Housing Element Update. The community is welcome to provide comments to City staff through August 29, 2022. Written comments can be submitted to and verbal comments can be shared at the on Tuesday, August 16, 2022 or by contacting 510-215-4361.
5th Cycle’s progress: 68%
6th Cycle: 736 units
November 2021 - Stakeholder interviews and outreach
December 2021 - Stakeholder focus group, update webpage
January 2022 - Community Workshop #1, launch survey
February 2022 - Close survey, analyze survey results
March 2022 - Planning Commission Meeting, Publicize Community Workshop #2
April 2022 - Community Workshop # 2, Balancing Act
May 2022 - Community Workshop #3, City Council Meeting
August 2022 - Public hearing
December 2022 - Public hearing
Robert Reber, Interim Community Development Director (510) 799-8248
been added to list of interested parties → will be contacted with further information
reached out 11/30/21
stakeholder interview with Karen 12/22/21
1/18 no new info on website
3/3 update
(now accepting responses)
(workshop #1 scheduled for March 21 at 7:00 PM)
Stakeholder Interviews and Focus Groups
Comments may be emailed to Tim Rood, Community Development Director,

5th Cycle’s progress: 80%
6th Cycle: 2114 units
Greg Wolff, Planning and Building Director (925) 299-3204
5th Cycle’s progress: 7%
6th Cycle: 1358 units
Michael Chandler, Deputy Director of Administrative Services (925) 372-3500
Hector Rojas, Planning Manager
no reply during first round of emails - reached out again 7/26
Reached out via email 10/25 for update
Special Advisor Patrick O’Keefe from Management Partners will present the above remaining elements of the Revised Draft General Plan to the City Council and Planning Commission during the third joint meeting on January 12th. Staff will continue taking notes of the comments made by the City Council, Planning Commission, and public and summarize these in a document that will be posted on the City’s General Plan Update webpage. The document will be updated to reflect comments made at each joint meeting and it will also be updated on a monthly basis to include additional comments received after the joint meetings. Public comments on the Revised Draft General Plan can be emailed to .
reached out for update 1/18
No updates - could only find info on GP update

5th Cycle’s progress: 31%
6th Cycle: 1118 units
Summer 2021: Select consultant, launch project
Fall 2021: Assess needs, identify sites, evaluate constraints
Winter 2021-22: Assess rezoning options, draft policies
Spring 2022: Prepare draft plan, rezoning proposals, hold initial hearings
Summer 2022: Submit draft to HCD, environmental review
Fall 2022: Revise plan, finalize zoning adoption
Afshan Hamid, Planning Director
General Email
emailed 8/2 for update on schedule and plan for proper outreach and community engagement
1/25 updated timeline
upcoming meetings + events per website
Tuesday, January 25, 2022 at 6:30pm Bollinger Valley Neighborhood Meeting
Wednesday, February 9, 2022 at 6:30pm Bollinger Valley Town Council Meeting.
Wednesday, February 23, 2022 at 6:30pm Housing Site Selection Town Council Meeting
Environmental Review Scoping Meeting (TBD)
Housing Survey (TBD)
Timeline on page 56
7/24/22 Update
You can review the HCD Working Draft Housing Element at . Submit comments to by July 30, 2022.

5th Cycle’s progress: 66%
6th Cycle: 1069 units
held a meeting 9/1 with planning team, DeNovo and community members
7/24/22 update
- Submit comments by: August 5, 2022
By Mail: City of Oakley, Planning Division, 3231 Main Street, Oakley, CA 94561
By Email:

5th Cycle’s progress: 81%
6th Cycle: 1359 units
Feb 2022: EIR scoping period, community workshop
March-June 2022: Prepare draft EIR, prepare draft HE and public review (40 days) submit draft to HCD (90 days), public meeting
July - August 2022: Circulate draft EIR for public review and gather comments on draft EIR, revise draft HE 2nd public review (2 weeks), public meeting
Sept-Oct 2022: Prepare final EIR response to comments, 2nd HCD review (60 days)
Nov-Dec 2022: City Council adopts EIR, HCD sends conditional compliance letter
January 2023: City Council adopts HE
Drummond Buckley, Planning Director (925) 956-9305
Winnie Mui, Associate Planner
1/13 concurrently updating, HE, downtown precise plan, and safety element
can create own HE on website
signed up for notifications
Attended 1/20 Orinda Downtown Planning and HE Subcommittee Meeting
Public comment period ended

5th Cycle’s progress: 3%
6th Cycle: 505 units
(510) 724-8912
David Hanham, Planning Manager
reached out 1/18
5th Cycle’s progress: 43%
6th Cycle: 2036 units
Jordan Davis, Director of Community and Economic Development/Acting Planning Manager (925) 252-4015
Notes on Community Engagement
3 Visioning Workshops in 2019
Online Workshops Series in 2020
2 Land Use Alternatives Workshops
Land Use Stakeholders Meeting
3/3/2022 Update
Emailed Jordan Davis about HE update and playbook
Pleasant Hill
5th Cycle’s progress: 15%
6th Cycle: 1623 units
City took public comments on potential sites through Aug 11, 2021
9/22 update
Currently in “Phase 5: Preparing the Plan”
No scheduled upcoming meetings
reached out 1/18
5th Cycle’s progress: 24%
6th Cycle: 3645 units
(510) 620-6706
Lina Velasco, Director of Planning and Building Services
Andrea Villarroel, Planner
emailed 8/9
reached out 1/13
Planning on getting started at end of month
want admin draft by July and public review draft by august
website and timeline will be updated in February
Dulce from Richmond Land has connections with city council members: Melvin, Eduardo, Claudia
San Pablo
5th Cycle’s progress: 8%
6th Cycle: 752 units
Tyler Libby, Planning Manager (510) 215-3036
emailed 8/9
sent out comm survey Jan 2022
San Ramon
5th Cycle’s progress: 97%
6th Cycle: 5111 units
Summer 2021
•Issue RFP for preparation of
GP/HE Update
•Select Consultant, Late 2021
•Final RHNA Issued by ABAG, 2021 - 2022
•Public Outreach / Engagement
•Public Hearing review process
with appropriate Committees /
Commissions / City Council, Late 2022
•Submit adopted Housing Element to HCD
Lauren Barr, Planning Services Manager (925) 973-2567
Ryan Driscoll, Associate Planner (925) 973-2568
General Public Comment Email
Debbie Chamberlain, Community Development Director (Planning Commission Staff Contact)
Working on General Plan, HE Update, and CAP
Survey for feedback that will help guide the General Plan, Housing Update, and Climate Action Plan Update process - open until October 31st, 2021 ()
Currently in Phase 1
No upcoming meetings
Held GP, HE, AND CAP meeting on 10/19
1/13 no new info on website
added previous meetings to coda
still in phase 1
phase 4 is HE
1/2/22 currently in HE update phase
2/3/2022 update
Website states that they are currently in Phase 4: HE update
The Draft 2023-2031 Housing Element is available for a 30-day public review period, from Friday, May 13, 2022 to Sunday, June 12, 2022. The Draft 2023-2031 Housing Element is available below and on the website:

Walnut Creek
5th Cycle’s progress: 47%
6th Cycle: 5866 units
Ethan Bindernagel, Planning Manager (925) 256-3530
Cara Bautista-Rao, Sustainability Coordinator & Housing Analyst
Margot Ernst, Housing Program Manager
Andrew M. Smith, Senior Planner – Long Range & Transportation Planning
reached out 1/18
Tiny homes project in the city → DV4E is engaged in this development
update on progress to planning commission on Feb 10 and city council on Feb 15
Walnut Creek Housing and Community Development Council Special Meeting 1/31/2022
Introduction to the Housing and Safety Elements update, and review of the draft Community Engagement Plan
3/14/22 update
sent email to Andrew Smith about Playbook and timeline
Released HE Update draft for 30-day public review period through August 19, 2022
1/27/22 update
Will likely have a Planning Commission meeting on 2/10/22 and a City Council meeting on 2/15/22 regarding the Housing Element
First public workshop: Monday, March 21, 2022, at 6:00 pm.
Second public workshop: Wednesday, April 20, 2022, at 6:00 pm.
Link to Housing Element Community Survey:
Unincorporated, Contra Costa County
5th Cycle’s progress: 80%
6th Cycle: 7722 units
CCC Draft Housing Element available for public review March - April 2022
Planning Commission and or Board of Sups meetings on Drafts May- June 2022
Prepare Draft Env Review March-August 2022
Submit Draft to HCD (90 day review)
2nd HCD review (60 day review)
Adoption Hearing Dec 2022 - January 2023
HCD Certification (60 day review) January 2023 - March 2023
Will Nelson
Amalia Cunningham
Reached out to Amalia 1/18
3/9 Planning Commission Meeting and Study Session for Stronger Communities Element
County name
Solano County
Contra Costa County
San Mateo County
Napa County
Alameda County
Marin County
Marin County
5th Cycle’s progress: 16%
6th Cycle: 160 units
Corte Madera
5th Cycle’s progress: 188%
6th Cycle: 725 units
5th Cycle’s progress: 89%
6th Cycle: 490 units
5th Cycle’s progress: 55%
6th Cycle: 979 units
Mill Valley
5th Cycle’s progress: 47%
6th Cycle: 848 units
5th Cycle’s progress: 40%
6th Cycle: 2111 units
5th Cycle’s progress: 38%
6th Cycle: 109 units
San Anselmo
5th Cycle’s progress: 58%
6th Cycle: 833 units
San Rafael
5th Cycle’s progress: 18%
6th Cycle: 3252 units
2023-2031: 3220 units, including 1,349 units for low and very low income households.
Jacob Noonan, Housing Program Manager:
5th Cycle’s progress: 36%
6th Cycle: 724 units
5th Cycle’s progress: 13%
6th Cycle: 639 units
Marin County
5th Cycle’s progress: 86%
6th Cycle: 3510 units
Jan 20th workshop to use balancing act tool. Interactive workshop to teach people how to use balancing act tool
Met with Jillian Zieger who is in charge of the HE and she wants more youth to attend the community listening meetings
Napa County
American Canyon
Housing Element 2015-2023
https://www.ci.calistoga.ca.us/home/showpublisheddocument?id=12096Housing Element 2015-2023
St. Helena
San Francisco County
San Francisco