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Price Recommendation For Suppliers

Understanding Meesho

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Understanding Price Recommendation ​
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How does it helps suppliers

If the supplier lists the product at the wrong price, then it will not sell enough which is ultimately not good for Meesho as a platform. For sure the supplier will not be successful but also the demand will be left unfulfilled.

How does it helps business

Meesho goal is to become a platform where product will be listed at lowest price as compared to other E-commerce giants. As according to our metrics its clearly seen lesser prices leads to more orders. So through lowest prices we want to increase our overall orders growth.

New Concept Introduced within System

What is WDRP?

What is WDRP (Wrong/Defective Return Price)?
Returning a product is expensive, cutting down on convenience based returns will lead lower returns for suppliers. Lower returns will lead to lower price, increasing orders and income.
Why Supplier Need WDRP Recommendation?
Now as they are adding one more price to their product, it’s important for them to understand the best WDRP price for their product, which can give them best results. Without recommendation supplier will be giving some random price to their product which lead to lesser growth
With it, whenever supplier change their product price, it’s important to tell them the best WDRP according to new price, in this case also WDRP Recommendation helps them.

What is VSKU?

Understanding VSKU?
To understand VSKU, first lets understand SKU. So SKU means “Stock keeping unit” which means all unique product exists in inventory. Now here VSKU represents variants for this unique SKU’s.
For which categories VSKU will available?
Let’s try to understand what we want to solve in this:

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