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Start planning your trip!
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, and set up the Mapbox Pack with your API to start.

The way I like to plan trips is to get a list of things to do/see, then put them on a map and group them loosely into days. I combined the Pack with my own Pack to make this slightly more automated/give me a starting point. Note that use of the Mapbox pack requires an API token that may result in billing charges (although they do have a pretty generous free tier)
To plan like me, you put in a bunch of sights to see, let Mapbox pull the locations (which might be worth double checking), decide how many clusters to create and enable the map. This will create a map for each cluster.
Note that I made this doc non-interactable so only 1 premade cluster is showing. This is to avoid using too much of my Mapbox free plan’s API limit. Instead, here’s a video of me adding a sight and toggling between the cluster maps.
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