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After the interview process is complete, the following calibrations steps should be taken to decide to hire or not hire the candidate
The hiring manager should set-up a meeting with everyone from the interview committee
Moving around the room, each candidate should explain their rationale for their conclusions, focusing only on the dimension they interviewed for
After considering feedback from the team, the hiring manager should make a hire/no hire decision.

Use the following as a guide in assessing and level candidates:
PM Career Path
Associate PM
Senior PM
Director PM
Operates with some independence, but with explicit direction from their manager and close supervision
Operates with some independence, but with regular supervision and check-ins with their manager
Demonstrates evidence-based objectivity in decision making
Practices non-attachment to solutions
Operates independently with little or no supervision; manager dynamic transitions to one of coaching and guidance; makes independent, evidence-based decisions with rare management intervention or course correction.
Operates independently with no operational supervision;
Operates independently with no operational supervision
Product Scope & Execution
Contributes to the enhancement of existing features
Learns fundamentals of user centered product development
Learns how to leverage quantitative and qualitative data to inform product decisions
Learns the fundamentals of software development and begins to put those learnings into practice under the guidance of their manager
Owns specific solutions within a Product Squad Identifies and clearly articulates user needs Ideates and proposes solutions
Effectively navigates organization to get shit done
Demonstrates deep understanding of user-centered product design principles
Leads a Product
Responsible for their squad's objective, key results, and feature roadmap
Prioritizes based on reach, impact, confidence and level of effort
Responsible for the quality and impact of their features Leads
Sprint Planning and Daily Standups
Identifies and solves blockers Makes rational trade-offs to hit deadlines
Presents quarterly OKRs and roadmap to exec leadership, solicits and evaluates feedback
Proactively identifies blind spots (in and outside of core responsibility area) and takes the initiative to address the issues
Responsible for 1-3 Product Group(s) comprised of multiple Product Squads
Leads quarterly OKR and roadmap planning for their Product Group(s)
Contributes to the definition of the Product Groups and
Defines the vision and high level goals for their Product Group(s), aligned with the overall Product Vision and Company Goals
Defines and seeks to constantly improve processes and best practices
Builds cross functional consensus around vision and development process
Effectively communicates Product Group goals and vision to exec leadership
Demonstrates openness and consideration to executive feedback
Ensures we are using the best interviewing and hiring practices to build a world class team aligned with our principles
Responsible for entire
Articulates Product Area vision, strategy and goals
Oversees processes and practices, providing guidance and coaching when needed
Helps exec understand opportunities, tradeoffs and risks in business decisions
Learns techniques for uncovering latent user needs and evaluating the potential impact of addressing those needs
Understands's core product management and design principles
Can effectively communicate 's long term product and company vision
Demonstrate strong written and verbal communications skills
Articulate and Evangelize your team's vision & strategy
Drive the team to achieve its goals
Manages 1-5 APMs and PMs
Effectively partners with eng lead counterpart(s)
Proactively reviews cross teamwork and provides thoughtful feedback
Drives alignment with other product managers through strong cross-team product leadership
Builds cross-functional relationships and ensures company-wide understanding of product goals and priorities
Provides air cover to team using data-informed, well articulated arguments
Manages 2-10 Squad Leaders
Leads by example Provides coaching and guidance while fully empowering team
Acknowledges growth areas and solicits performance feedback from subordinates
Consistently demonstrates a passion for product and desire to never stop learning
Demonstrates authenticity, humility and deference in day-to-day interactions with everyone in the organizations
Establishes personal principles (blueprint) and shares them broadly
Actively seeks diverse viewpoints and carefully considers other points of view
Develops strong cross-disciplinary leadership across marketing, customer service, exec and more
Manages 2-10 Product Group Leaders Puts the development of their team as priority number 1
Always takes accountability for team performance; never throws anyone under the bus
Practices Radical Candor when providing performance feedback
Regularly and effectively presents to exec leadership
Carefully consider executive feedback
Ensures entire tech org understands and supports product visions
Provides team with long term vision and goals, but does not dictate how they get there
Builds a culture of trust, respect and diversity Instills confidence in team and proactively works to address issues of fear and uncertainty Influences team to set ambitious goals and celebrates calculated failure
Develops nuanced and agile understanding of product management Intuitively knows when and why to break the rules
Establishes deep cross-functional industry and technological credibility
Ability to quickly make difficult decisions and live with them
Learns the fundamental techniques for addressing unmet user needs
Successfully address unmet user needs
Ideates and researches potential solutions
Runs experiments and studies to validate impact
Analyzes quantitative and qualitative data to inform decisions
Understanding the cost/benefit of the solution
Instruments features to capture the necessary metrics to evaluate impact
Demonstrates objectivity and non- attachment to specific solutions
Ability to identify how ’s unique assets can be leveraged to address unrealized user needs and new product lines and business opportunities
Capacity for creative problem solving
Demonstrates strong cognitive agility (new ways of thinking)
Successfully identifies and addresses unrealized user needs
Deep technological understanding
Broad knowledge of how leading edge technology can be applied in novel ways across a range of industries and user needs
Establishes company-wide and industry credibility as a technology and industry innovator
Speaks and publishes original works of innovative thinking
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