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Iron Rebellion is all about the immersive experience of being a mech pilot. a built for VR, mech combat game with fully interactable cockpits and precise intuitive joystick system.

Prototype phase 0.1✔️

Free single player alpha

The intention of this build was to explore the feasibility of a mech game in VR. Was it even possible?
Here we tested almost 15 virtual joystick designs✔️
Countless amounts of locomotion, momentum, jump recipes ✔️
Communicating game feel through the shaking, flickering, rumbling of the cockpit✔️
Solving motion Sickness✔️
Selling epic energy!!!✔️

The core of multiplayer 0.5✔️

Early access build beta

This build focuses on exploring the foundations of player to player interaction, gunplay and the over all beat of action. We made a clear choice to strip back weapon options to purely focus the most essential combat scenarios
Time to kill✔️
Cover placement/density✔️
Reload time, fire rate, ammo count✔️
Average distance of engagement✔️
Note: these core elements will stay a “work in progress” up till 1.0 and are subject to change

The bigger game 0.7✔️

What Early Access will fund!

This build will open the flood gates to strategy and personal play styles with the full expansion of weapon types and mech classes. here is where the real voice of Iron Rebellion will be found.
3 new weapon classes. (Energy), (Rockets), (Ballistics), (Sniper)✔️️
4v4 multiplayer✔️
2 new maps✔️
Directional jump jets✔️
More cockpit functionality✔️
New game mode✔️
3 mech weight classes (Mid current), Light, heavy✔️

The full MP game 1.0

All multiplayer content in and tuned. ready to leave Early access

At this point we have done multiple round of iterations on the core mechanics and developed all weapons variance and mechs classes


New game modes✔️
AI bots✔️
8 maps✔️
12 weapons✔️
Mech modules, consumables, passive systems
6 mechs
Progression system

Community Mod Support 1.1

Funds from the launch will go to the support and requests of the community

Different cockpits per class
Flat screen mode
Steam work shop mod support, maps and game modes and weapons crafting
HOTAS support (if balanceable and doable)
Haptics and motion chairs

Surge. single player/Co-op PVE 1.5

Spin on core mechanics in a single player / CO-OP experience

This game mode takes everything we have learned and spins it on its head in a single player / co-op mode that pits you vs the SURGE! an alien infestation that is taking over our planetary settlements. Here we want you and a friend to have a game with high replayability as you go head to head with swarms of alien monsters on mission to find the hive core and save the planets from take over

The bigger game + 2.0

This is where crazy dreams come true, but only if the support is there

We have made it to the final chapter of development and have now made the game we have always wanted to make, no restrictions no limitations
Persistent multiplayer. wage war over multiple base/map locations, capturing planets and pushing front lines in order to take entire solar systems over, weekly or monthly server wipes to see what factions can concur the entire solar system.
New cockpits for each weight class
Deep dive into Surge campaign mode, with richer fuller levels, longer even longer experience.
Costume paint job room

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