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XR developer, designer & educator with a focus on immersive learning and social impact
Josephine Dorado is an award-winning developer, designer and educator with a focus on immersive learning and social impact. With 15+ years of experience in immersive experiences and a portfolio that has garnered multiple Fulbright awards and a MacArthur Foundation award in Digital Media & Learning, her work concentrates on innovation in virtual reality and extended reality (VR/XR) experiences with a lens toward learning and international cultural exchange. She is currently working with the World Health Organization to create an online learning experience platform and also worked on their Mass Casualty Augmented Reality Experience (MCARE). Previously, she was the founder of Katabi, a platform of ready-made webVR (web-based virtual reality) spaces and also created Kidz Connect, a virtual cultural exchange program that connected youth internationally through creative collaboration and theatrical performance in virtual worlds. In addition, Josephine is a TechCamp trainer for the State Department and a former professor of media studies at The New School, where she taught courses on virtual learning environments with an emphasis on immersive. Her speaking engagements include Talks @ Google, TEDxFulbright, SXSW, IgniteNYC and SIGGRAPH.
There is beauty in the space between physical and digital, where distances collapse and bodies become networked.


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