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MetaCultural Heritage

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MetaCultural Heritage

The metaverse as a platform for preserving cultural heritage


The metaverse is a growing network of immersive 3D virtual worlds that offers new opportunities for cultural preservation. This is especially important in times of war, when physical artifacts have been damaged or destroyed. By creating digital twins of cultural artifacts, we can create a permanent record of cultural heritage that can be experienced as if the viewer were there — transported back in time when the cultural artifact was intact. In addition, we can also leverage the interactive possibilities in the metaverse to create new, participatory experiences that bring cultural storytelling to life.


Our physical world is filled with beautiful and important cultural artifacts, but they are at risk of being destroyed in times of war or natural disaster.


With each new conflict or disaster, we lose more and more of our cultural heritage. Often times these artifacts are destroyed because they are too large or fragile to move.


The Metaverse can be used as a platform to create digital twins of cultural artifacts which will create a permanent record and allow for new, participatory experiences.

Use Case: Ukraine’s Cultural Destruction

“We are all too familiar with ‘cultural destruction’ – the intentional annihilation of irreplaceable artwork, artifacts, historical sites and their stewards. This is often a desperate attempt to erase collective history and identity. The people of Ukraine are currently risking their lives to protect their cultural identity and safeguard the record of who they are. We MUST help them.” — Nada Hosking, Global Heritage Fund

Ukraine's history, heritage, and collective memory are in danger of being destroyed

Ukraine is in the midst of a war, and many of its physical artifacts have either been, or are at risk of being, damaged or destroyed. Through 3D content creation and XR technologies (virtual and augmented reality), immersive and realistic simulations of historical places and artifacts can be created. Monuments, cultural institutions and architecture that have been ruined can be revived. Interactive experiences can be built, adding layers of context to the cultural element and encouraging engagement with the artifact, architecture and historical landscape.
This will allow people from all over the world to experience and learn about Ukraine's history and heritage, even if the physical artifacts no longer exist, ensuring that the country's cultural heritage will be available for future generations to enjoy.
By creating digital twins and contextual experiences of cultural artifacts, we can preserve Ukraine's collective memory.


Creating digital twins and contextual experiences of cultural artifacts can help to preserve a culture's collective memory, and this can be scaled on a worldwide level. The metaverse provides a unique opportunity to preserve and promote culture on a global scale.

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