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Booleans and Else If Review

Question 1: Consider the code bellow:
let itemToBuy = '';const savings = 1000;if ( savings > 500 ) { itemToBuy = 'Computer';} else if ( savings > 200 ) { itemToBuy = 'Phone';} else if ( savings > 0 ) { itemToBuy = 'Dinner';} else { itemToBuy = '...still saving...';}
What is the value of the variable itemToBuy after the code runs?
A. ‘Phone’
B. ‘Dinner’
C. ‘...still saving...’
D. Computer
Question 2: Which of the following is a valid conditional statement?
if ( day === 'Friday' ) {console.log("The weekend is almost here.");} else (day === 'Monday' ) {console.log("Here comes another week.");} elseif {console.log("I wonder what day it is?");}
if ( day === 'Friday' ) {console.log('The weekend is almost here.');} else if (day === 'Monday' ) {console.log("Here comes another week.");} else {console.log("I wonder what day it is?");}
if (day === 'Friday' ) {console.log("The weekend is almost here.");} else {console.log("I wonder what day it is?");} else if (day === 'Monday') {console.log( 'Here comes another week.' );}
Question 3: Which of the following operators is called a “strict equality” operator and used to test if two values are exactly the same?
A. !==
B. ==
C. ===
D. >=
Question 4: In a conditional statement with one if clause, two else if clauses and an else clause, what is the maximum number of code blacks in that conditional statement that can run?
A. 4
B. 3
C. 2
D. 1
Question 5: Which JavaScript data type evaluates to either true or false?
A. Number
B. String
C. Conditional
D. Boolean

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