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April 29, 2022 Test Multiple Conditions with the || “OR” Operator

April 28, 2022 Test Multiple Conditions with the && “AND” Operator

&& AND Operator
( 20 < age && age < 30 )
//Example> let age = 25;undefined> ( 20 < age && age < 30 )true
Both values must be true

April 27, 2022 Program Multiple Outcomes

if / else if / else review
If one of these is true, it will print the output then escape the if / else clause.
const weather = 'rain';
if ( weather === 'sun') {console.log("It's sunny, so I'm going swiming");
} else if ( weather === "rain" ) {console.log("It's raining, so I will read a book.");
} else if ( weather === "snow") {console.log("It's snowing, so I'm going sledding.");
} else {console.log("I don't know what I'm doing today");

April 27, 2022 Boolean Values.

The + next to guess converted the string guess to a number
if (correctGuess ) works the same way as if (correctGuess === true)
prompt allows a user to enter a number from the webpage
let correctGuess = false;const number = 6;const guess = prompt('Guess a number between 1 and 10.')
if ( +guess === number ) {correctGuess = true;}
if ( correctGuess ) {console.log("You guessed the number!");} else {console.log(`Sorry. the number was ${number}`);}

April 7, 2022 JavaScript Basics Introducing Conditional Statements.

I started “Introduction to Conditional Statements” today. It’s a refresher from when I took Java, Advanced Java, Python, and other programming courses in school.
If and Else clode blocks example.
const answer = prompt("Which planet is closest to the sun?");
if ( answer.toUpperCase() === "MERCURY" ) {console.log("That's correct!");} else {console.log("Sorry, that's incorrect.");}
This code snippet uses the .toUpperCase() function because strings are case sensitive. This function turns all string in a variable to upper case, then it compares to our answer.

March 24, 2022

I’m currently relearning JavaScript Basics.

March 24, 2022

I’m currently learning learning at Treehouse! In this course, I will learn how to work with frontend, backend, and the server side of a web application - The “Full Stack” - Via JavaScript.
Here’s a little more about the course, If you’re curious.

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