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AI / No Code / Automations Pricing

AI Chatbot
Payment Frequency
Base Package
In one (1) week, get your own AI chatbot with the following inclusions:
Single App Integration: Connect the chatbot to your CRM or ERP
Knowledge Base Setup: Configuration of the chatbot’s information repository to ensure accurate and helpful responses.
Lead Capture Capabilities: Implementation of mechanisms to collect and store leads generated through chat interactions
One time
Maintenance and Support
Keep your AI chatbot up to date with a minimum monthly fee. Your first month is FREE along with the Base Package.
Ongoing maintenance to ensure optimal performance.
Routine support to address any issues and assist with the chatbot operations.
Additional App Integration
Extend the chatbot’s functionality by integrating additional applications at only $100 each. Please note that each additional integration may extend the deployment time frame.
Add on
One time
Additional Automation Setup
Set up automated emails and SMS messaging features. Additional time may be required depending on the complexity of the automation.
Add on
One time
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Upselling Opportunities:

Advanced Analytics and Reporting:
Provide detailed analytics on chatbot interactions, user satisfaction, and performance metrics. These insights can help businesses understand customer behavior better and refine their strategies.
This depends where we push the data for instance Google Sheets, Airtable, or other CRM platforms
Ticketing System:
Provide a centralized platform for tracking all support tickets, from creation to resolution, enabling better management and oversight.
Workflow Automation:
Automate routine tasks and workflows between your chatbot and other business applications, such as scheduling appointments, updating records in CRM, or processing orders.
Data Integration and Management:
Seamlessly move and synchronize data across platforms, ensuring consistency and accessibility. Automate data entry, extraction, and reporting tasks to reduce errors and save time.
Alerts and Notifications:
Setup automated alerts and notifications for specific triggers or events, ensuring timely actions and responses from the team.
Email and Communication Automation:
Design automated email campaigns, follow-ups, and communication flows that integrate with the chatbot interactions, enhancing customer engagement and retention.

About Flowhelper:

Welcome to ! Our team of five no-code developers came together inspired by a simple yet powerful realization: technology often intimidates more than it empowers.
We’re changing that narrative by crafting intuitive, no-code solutions that simplify complex processes and make advanced technology accessible to everyone. Our specialties range from creating AI chatbots to designing seamless workflow automations -- transforming businesses into agile, digitally fluent entities.
Driven by innovation and a commitment to clients' success, we're here to help you navigate the digital landscape and reduce operational cost. Let's explore how we can elevate your business.
Ready to make technology work for you? Let’s chat and make it happen.
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