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I am writing in connection to the land at
as I recently noticed that a planning application for residential development has been submitted and I am keen to understand the immediate plans for the land. Foster, Green + Brown are retained by a national residential developer to identify and acquire a number of brownfield and greenfield sites within the Midlands on their behalf and we have identified that this site in
meets their current requirements.
Foster Green & Brown have spent a number of years working with a select number of clients in order to manage and deliver a wide range of residential housing developments. We at Foster Green & Brown believe our trustworthy approach to site acquisition has meant that we have been able to build upon our reputation with seller’s and purchases alike. We will only work with well respected, well-funded businesses that are either regional or national in scale and developing across multiple sites simultaneously and I can confirm the developer interested in this site meets this criteria.
We recognise that there may not be any appetite to consider disposing of this land but given my retained residential developer client has an immediate requirement for sites of this type and scale we thought it only right to make contact to establish if their is any benefit in discussing options further.
I appreciate your time is valuable so I will not go on further but if you are able to spend a few minutes to let me know the current situation and likely route forwards it would be appreciated. If you are not interested it would be great if you can still make contact so I can make sure I don’t follow up again. You can contact me by mail, email or telephone, whichever suits you best.
I hope to speak with you shortly.
Kind regards,
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