SOS India

India is undergoing a gas explosion, floods, and a locust swarming! Swipe through this for more info.

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Second Petition DEMANDS:
1. Take actions and bold steps to reduce Carbon Emissions and achieve "Carbon Neutrality" by 2030 to avert Climate Change, which is a prime reason for these types of excessive and Disastrous flooding.
2. Immediate stop of traffic on the portion of NH-37 that passes through KNPTR,
Immediate ban on the construction of any dams on the Brahmaputra until an expert committee ascertains their ecological viability.
3. A Robust Wetlands and rivers revival and management plan drawn up and enacted by a committee of ecological and other specialists and based upon the above guidelines.
4. Action about the draft River Regulation Zone notification based on inputs from states and public comments along with faster seeking of these responses,
5. Withdrawal of the dilutionary draft Environment Impact Assessment Notification 2020.
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