Australian Bushfires

The Australian Bushfires from last November til June has made a lasting impact throughout Australia. Declared a climate emergency in January 2020, firefighters struggled to fight the bushfires due to the fire tornadoes. Yet even though the season has stopped, Australians are not only suffering from a large pollution problem but are worried that the fire season might come back as NSW meteorologists have found.

Fast Facts:
Since November, the Australian Bushfires have resulted in :
12.6 million hectares burnt across Australia
434 million tonnes of Co2 emitted
11.3 million Australians affected by smoke
1 billion+ animals killed

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Known as Black Summer, the 2019/2020 season of bushfires in Australia killed

This year the bushfire lasted from November to May, though it is expected to come back soon. Most were extinguished by May but it may be continued. It is still very smokey and the coverage continues.

Furthermore, there were 89 firestorms, 50% more than last year. These drastically spread the fire throughout Australia.
As there were no bushfire databases during the season, NSW government said in their
that they would ask AFAC to do it though.NSW(New South Wales) were one of the first affected and declared a national state of emergency in November 2019. The fires stopped in February, and were officially contained in June.

But the smoke problem continues, making it hard to breathe especially for elderly women.
Many barely make a living and are unemployed, with old women working $40 a day. By September 25, they are expected to be dropped with a coronavirus supplement of $550 to $250. They are not only marginalised by the air pollution that causes severe respiratory problems but also a higher risk of coronavirus.

Yet adding on the smoke, another major bushfire season is yet to come, as in August another winter storm returned. We demand international support to help NSW (New South Wales) firefighters and residents through this time.
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How to Help
Donate and sign petitions to help the residents of Australia!
Demand just policies to ensure faster relief in case of another fire season in Australia.

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